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Sacked Whistleblower Pledges to Fight On

By Alistair Keely, PA News

Immigration whistleblower Steve Moxon today confirmed he had been sacked but vowed to take the Government to an employment tribunal and win.

Mr Moxon, 48, was initially suspended in March following revelations that staff at an Immigration Service office in Sheffield had been asked to “fast track” applications from thousands of migrants from Eastern Europe who wanted to work or study in Britain.

Immigration Minister Beverley Hughes came under increasing pressure after Mr Moxon’s revelations and eventually resigned following further allegations.

Mr Moxon said he was told he had been sacked at 11pm last Monday.

The Sheffield-based civil servant said: “They have not bothered to look at any of the evidence. They found that I – completely incorrectly – was not protected by the Public Interest Disclosure Act.

“They haven’t got a case at all. I shall be going to an employment tribunal and I have been advised I will win.”

An earlier leaked Home Office report recommended that he should be dismissed because he had “embarrassed ministers and the department” and breached his contractual duty of confidentiality.

But it also found that he acted “reasonably” when he publicly revealed that warnings sent by email to ministers had been ignored.

The Public Interest Disclosure Act was introduced in 1998 by the Government to allow workers to expose wrongdoing at work.

Mr Moxon is also set to release a book, The Great Immigration Scandal, which is due to be published later this month.

“They will not silence me,” said Mr Moxon. “My book goes into more detail, there is a lot more to come out.”

Today a Home Office spokesman confirmed: “He has been informed in writing that he has been dismissed and the reasons.

“The normal Home Office internal disciplinary proceedings were followed.

“It is an internal civil service disciplinary matter and not a matter ministers would be involved in.”


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