Sunday, August 01, 2004

Green Bay Press-Gazette - $$"HD*")$$

Green Bay Press-Gazette - $$"HD*")$$

Mexicans living in the Green Bay area will get their first — and perhaps only — opportunity next week to locally obtain an identification card that helps them open bank accounts and perform other transactions.

Officials from the Mexican Consulate’s Office in Chicago will issue about 2,000 matricula consular identification cards Wednesday through Saturday at Washington Commons. The drive is being sponsored by US Bank.

“The benefit obviously is that people don’t have to drive to Chicago and waste a day to get their cards,” said Noemi Ordaz, consulate official.

The consulate also will issue passports and other important documents.

The matricula consular is an ID that the Mexican government issues through 47 consulates in the United States to its citizens living abroad. The cards are given to Mexican immigrants who typically do not have Social Security cards or other accepted identification.

It serves as U.S. identification and can be used to open savings and checking accounts, cash checks, access automated teller machines and wire money worldwide.

The ID card, which is digitized, includes a person’s legal address, birthplace, signature and photo.

Ordaz said it’s unclear if officials will return to Green Bay. In 2002, the consulate issued 1,731 cards here. The agency didn’t have 2003 numbers immediately available.


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