Friday, July 02, 2004

Utah senator attacks ProjectUSA

Utah senator attacks ProjectUSA
Salt Lake City's Deseret News reported yesterday that Utah Senator Bob Bennett, an outspoken champion of morality and virtue, showed up at a meeting of the paper's editorial board to "lambaste" ProjectUSA and our allies for our participation in his democracy.

"These groups are vicious. You saw it," the senator complained to the board. "They distort. It's disgraceful."

By way of evidence of viciousness and distortion, the senator told the board that our "message does not have the support of the public."

"The American people will not tolerate rounding up (illegal aliens) on the end of a bayonet and driving them back across the border," Senator Bennett fumed, and "to suggest we should be doing that, and that any politician who doesn't want to be doing that is somehow all of the things they accused Chris [Cannon] of being, is outrageous."

First of all, if our "message" does not have the support of the American people, one wonders why the senator is all riled up. One would think, were his statement true, we could be as safely ignored as Lyndon LaRouche. In truth, the senator knows very well his claim is not true, as his display makes clear. He knows that, as a recent Salt Lake Tribune poll suggests, about 70 percent of Utahns agree with ProjectUSA on the important issue of immigration -- not with Senator Bennett and the corporate lobbyists "contributing" to his $1,791,886 reelection campaign.

Second, our message, "Congressman Chris Cannon supports amnesty for illegal aliens," is simply an accurate statement of fact. The vicious lies (ProjectUSA is funded by an evil conspiracy of white supremacists plotting mass sterilizations) and the distortion (Cannon's AgJOBS amnesty bill is really only a temporary guest worker bill) -- not to mention the outright lawbreaking -- have come from the Cannon campaign.

Third, we've never even come close to advocating anything like "rounding up (illegal aliens) on the end of a bayonet and driving them back across the border." In fact, in response to an outrageously distorted editorial right out of Cannon campaign literature, the Provo Daily Herald published a ProjectUSA opinion piece that argued against the extreme measures Senator Bennett accuses us of advocating.

In other words, if anyone is doing any vicious distorting here, it is Senator Bennett, and the real disgrace is that corporate-funded politicians can lie to the people while selling their votes to the immigration profiteers, and the watchdogs of our democracy -- the media -- do nothing at best.


In the mid-90's, while residing in Beijing, I sometimes rode my bicycle past Zhongnanhai, a guarded compound off-limits to average Chinese, where inside China's leaders govern in opulent and corrupt secrecy -- each leader maintaining his individual power through favor-trading.

Sometimes I would glance up at the high, ugly, windowless walls surrounding the compound and think of them as a kind of metaphor for the impenetrable barrier the average Chinese faces if, for example, he or she is seeking justice in the Chinese court system.

It saddens me to see so many of our own elected leaders aping their Chinese counterparts by trading their votes on immigration for "campaign contributions."

As you celebrate our nation's independence this weekend, take a minute to think what it means that the rich and the corrupt in our country have grabbed so much power -- often in collusion with those in the media whose role it is to guard against such destructive abuses.

Perhaps your celebration of the Fourth will be made more meaningful if you do something truly patriotic and call Senator Bennett's office in Washington, today, and leave him a message he can ponder over the weekend:

"I have heard of Senator Bennett's disgraceful distortion regarding ProjectUSA's work in Utah, and I think he should be ashamed of himself. Like the overwhelming majority of Americans, I support the work of ProjectUSA, and I am opposed to Senator Bennett's corporate-funded record on immigration."

Senator Bob Bennett
(202) 224-5444


"I guess I don't share Sen. Bennett's view that [ProjectUSA's campaign] was vicious or unwarranted. I never felt it went over the top."

Paul Van Dam, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate
(running against Senator Bob Bennett)


Dear Project USA,

Please continue exposing Congressman Chris Cannon. Utah is being flooded with illegal immigrants! Although I am sad Matt Throckmorton lost the primary against Cannon, I am confident voters will throw Cannon out of office when they figure out what he is up to. Cannon outspent Throckmorton, almost 10 to 1. I received a flyer from Cannon the day before the primary stating that he was working to "Restrict Illegal Immigration." Outrageous! If Cannon were to admit that he wants to grant an amnesty to illegals and can't wait to get more of them in here, I firmly believe that he would be run out of office. Keep exposing Cannon's record! Thank you.

Arthur Nifong
Provo, UT

[Note to Arthur: don't worry, Arthur, we will -- the battle in Utah is far from over. And to all our supporters: I really need your financial help in order to take this fight to people like Bob Bennett and Chris Cannon. Please give the very best you can to help us continue exposing the truth. I promise we won't back down from the lies, and the threats, and the money, and the insults, but I can't do it without you. Happy Fourth. --Craig Nelsen]


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