Monday, July 05, 2004

The Times Record - Fort Smith, Arkansas

The Times Record - Fort Smith, Arkansas
Ignoring Immigrant Laws A Crime
Recent news reports cite those who want to let illegal aliens attend any college. “Catholic Charities,” which is subsidized by taxpayers’ money, and Winrock International are conducting meetings to “educate officials around Arkansas about improving the lives of Hispanics.”

U.S. Sen. Hatch’s “Dream Act,” which allows illegal aliens to attend any college, paying in-state tuition, is a knife in the back of all American taxpayers, making a mockery of citizenship, national sovereignty, the rule of law and our Constitution. This is a bill these Arkansans favor.

What constitutes a crime on the part of officials like governors, attorneys general the legislature and judicial? If ignoring our immigration laws and using tax money to aid illegals is not a crime, what is? What did they do when busloads of illegals crossed our country to make demands in D.C.? Welcomed them.

Open-border advocates see nothing wrong with Americans losing their jobs, schools, language and communities. Unchecked aliens have reintroduced tuberculosis, leprosy, hepatitis and rubella. Twenty-seven percent of prison inmates are illegals. Seventy-five percent of illicit drugs enter from Mexico, and street gangs emerge where illegals reside.

Not only are aliens siphoning $30 billion back home (notice home is not here), tax dollar billions are spent on their education, housing, law enforcement and medical services, including the new pre-natal care bill Huckabee is touting. Who pays?

Where is the rule of law when officials flaunt it for votes, cheap labor and special-interest money? What to do when officials pick and choose which laws to uphold and which to violate? Do they think somehow they and their families will escape the consequences of such callous, criminal behavior?

Illegal still means illegal. Forced redistribution is still criminal socialism.

Barbara McCutchen
Fort Smith


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