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One Reporter's Opinion: A Pox on Mr. Fox

One Reporter's Opinion: A Pox on Mr. Fox

One Reporter's Opinion: A Pox on Mr. Fox
George Putnam
Friday, Jan. 10, 2003

It is this reporter's opinion that there are very few political figures, top to bottom, that have the guts to put their political well-being on the line, taking a stand on the continuing invasion of illegal aliens across our porous borders.

There are two who have taken a stand: Congressman Ron Paul, R-Texas, and Congressman Tom Tancredo, R-Colo.

Tancredo was recently re-elected in spite of vicious attacks by his own local Denver Post and others; he was re-elected by a margin of two to one. The congressman told me that at times in the weeks before the election, things didn't seem so bright. But even the Denver Post, which had bitterly attacked his position on immigration, did a turnabout and reluctantly backed him, at the same time recommending that Republicans find a candidate more suitable in the next election.

Tancredo gained national attention when he blasted the current immigration policies, stating that the present situation is in place to a high degree because of support from both the Democratic and Republican parties. He said, "The Democratic Party sees it as a source of a lot of potential votes and the Republican Party sees it as a source of a lot of cheap labor."

Only yesterday I spoke with Congressman Ron Paul, who speaks loud and clear that we are now facing a global Social Security giveaway. He refers to what we have recently discussed as the hijacking of our Social Security system – a looming deal between the administration and the government of Mexico, which would make hundreds of thousands of Mexican citizens eligible for U.S. Social Security benefits.

The centerpiece of the agreement would be a so-called "totalization," which would mean that even if a Mexican citizen did not work in the U.S. long enough to qualify for Social Security, the number of years he/she worked in Mexico would be added to bring up the total and thus make the Mexican worker eligible for cash transfers from the U.S.

Thousands of foreigners who would qualify for our Social Security benefits actually came to the U.S. illegally and worked here illegally.

This proposed agreement is nothing more or less than a financial reward to those who have willingly and knowingly violated our immigration laws and have thumbed their noses at our precious sovereignty.

How many more thousands would break the law to come to this country if promised U.S. government paychecks for life? We would be creating a global welfare state on the back of the American taxpayer.

There are approximately 18 million Mexican immigrants living in the U.S. It is all but impossible to determine how many illegals are here. The Mexican government, under President Vicente Fox and his Marxist assistant, Jorge Castaneda, is working daily on a planned takeover of America. Fox is determined to bring about dual citizenship and to wipe out all borders on his drive toward "globalization."

Fox repeatedly called upon us to treat his Mexican nationals "safe, comfortable, legal, and orderly" and the attitude of police persecution must be abandoned and be perceived as a labor and social phenomenon.

He is also telling us that we must accept the drag-down level of corrupt, impoverished, backward degradation his own country has experienced 70 years under the PRI and his own present-day economic and social chaos – a nation whose citizens are fleeing from their country to ours, at the rate of millions per decade.

Hispanics are now the largest minority group in America at 12.6 percent, and Mexicans make up half of that population. The Mexican government is well on its way to wielding significant influence over U.S. policy, relying upon the loyalties of 18 million dual citizens within our borders.

Let's face it, President Fox, with your sagging economy and unrealized campaign promises, you are fighting for your political life in what is fast becoming a Third World country. But why must our president, Senate, Congress and immigration authorities bail you out in your struggle to survive?

It's time for American citizens of all political stripes to stand up for the continuation of the sovereignty of our great nation. Let's stop this horrendous giveaway. Let's stop "totalization" and "globalization."

Dare I say it, a pox on Mr. Fox.

NOTE: As this article was being written, Castaneda handed in his resignation.

MEXICO CITY – Battered by critics at home and frustrated by stalled migration talks with the United States, Foreign Relations Secretary Jorge Castaneda tendered his resignation Wednesday. Read on:

I consider this to be a break for all of us


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