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One Reporter's Opinion - It's a Simple Matter of Our Sovereignty

One Reporter's Opinion - It's a Simple Matter of Our Sovereignty

One Reporter's Opinion - It's a Simple Matter of Our Sovereignty
George Putnam
Saturday, July 3, 2004
It is this reporter's opinion that it's time we all take another look at our Constitution - particularly Article 4, Section 4: "The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government and shall protect each of them against INVASION and against domestic violence."

I ask you now, why has no action been taken to terminate the unarmed illegal invasion of the United States by so-called undocumented foreign nationals? And why has there been no deportation of those who are here illegally?

Recently, in Temecula, California 12 border patrol officers conducted sweeps in two or three areas. More than 150 illegals were picked up in the Ontario and Corona areas June 4-5. Another 161 arrests were made in Escondido June 9-11. Instead of being treated as a routine border patrol assignment, the activists shouted in protest of the legal procedure. Charges of racism ran rampant, particularly on the Spanish-speaking radio stations.
Rallies were held and suddenly Washington got in the act. Asa Hutchinson, the Dept. of Homeland Security Undersecretary for Border and Transportation Authority, said his department did not authorize the sweeps but a spokesperson said the sweeps were legal and that Hutchinson's comments didn't mean future sweeps would not happen.

Then suddenly the Catholic Church got in the act. A Cardinal Barnes, with an eye on the collection plate, directed that a message of protest against the sweeps be read at each mass in the Catholic Church. That is when this reporter discovered the power of the church in the illegal alien movement. It begins with travelers from South and Central America, Mexico, and other nations where they travel in great numbers through Hermosillo, Mexico and to the northern staging locations near the U.S. border.

Erin Anderson, a native of Cochise County who now works in Washington, D.C. and has examined several staging areas in Mexico, is an expert on the subject of the border invasion. According to Anderson, these people can go to a Catholic church in one of the Mexican towns along the way to read hand-drawn diagrams of routes into the U.S., along with a list of demands and rights to claim once they reach the U.S. - all of it posted on a wall inside the sanctuary. And people are advised to draw attention to themselves in front of the American media. A Father Rene has developed a convenient cottage industry - a "migrant center" where backpacks and supplies are provided those planning to enter the U.S. illegally. Migrants can buy U.S. sports caps and shirts to help them blend in so they look American north of the border.

It is a thriving industry - smuggling drugs and humans with the whole route mechanized from Southern Mexico and Central America to be traveled in as little as 72 hours; and, according to Anderson, the Mexican government is in this up to its eyeballs. The airlines are full of illegals. 300-seat airbuses are always full. A ticket costs $215. A shuttle bus fleet awaits the passengers. The buses only go north... wave upon wave of people moving northward.

All this is taking its toll on those who are just trying to do their jobs. We have lost more than 100 border agents who have had enough and quit. Obstacles are placed on the highways to stop cars. School buses require a sheriff for escort. If you want to see grown men cry, talk to the rangers and ranchers who can endure drought but cannot endure this constant onslaught of illegals.

The tragedy is that only a few of our elected representatives understand this invasion. Congressman Tom Tancredo, along with 49 other congress-people, applaud border patrol enforcement and urge Asa Hutchinson to resist pressure to halt the arrests in the Southern Calif. area. But the kind of enforcement shown by these 12 men of Temecula is desperately needed all across the country - not only in Southern California. And yet at this writing, word has gone out that the border patrolmen have been MUZZLED: They're told, 'Keep your mouth shut!' 'Pull back!' ...and the illegal invasion continues.

President Bush, Undersecretary Hutchinson, your jobs are to protect the nation and its citizens - not to make it easier for illegal aliens and their advocates. It is time to increase, not decrease, plans to arrest, deport or hassle the scores of aliens illegally living and working in the U.S.A. Yet every attempt on the part of our standup congress-people is being frustrated. It is time to follow the lead of these 12 brave, patriotic border patrolmen and strike a blow for the sovereignty of America.

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