Wednesday, July 07, 2004 | The Modesto Bee Do your job, Border Patrol | The Modesto Bee
Do your job, Border Patrol
Last Updated: July 7, 2004, 06:27:36 AM PDT

I was flabbergasted how vehemently the Border Patrol and ICE agents denied that immigration sweeps were being conducted in the Central Valley. I thought that was their job. The remarks by the agents seem to suggest that targeting illegal aliens is unthinkable. I'm sure any illegal alien looking for a safe haven can take heart in Mario Villareal's adamant denial: "We have not been in that area, period."
I wonder if the taxpayers who fund the laughably ineffective agency Villareal works for would share that sense of relief?

The illegal worker interviewed by The Bee was cleaning new homes and talked about the carpenters running away from a possible raid. I thought illegal aliens only took jobs that legal workers didn't want!

Any unemployed carpenters out there? Anybody run a legitimate cleaning business with legal workers? You should be outraged. And what about the developer who is apparently employing illegals in all aspects of his operation?

Someone should be held accountable. Instead, the bureaucrats fall all over themselves assuring employers that they can continue their illegal practices with impunity. Pathetic.




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