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The following editorial, 'HOW TO REPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS
by Frosty Wooldridge will allow
average citizens to report employers and aliens easily,
quickly and anonymously. You will find this commentary
a new sledge hammer in your arsenal.

By Frosty Wooldridge

Victor Borgas, Harvard professor stated, "Americans lose $133 billion in
wages annually to illegal aliens taking U.S. citizens' jobs."

In America, an estimated 13 million illegal aliens now work and reside in
our country. Illegal in this sense means, "They broke over our borders
contrary to established laws of entry." They are criminals. They may be
deported at any time when caught.

They formerly worked in menial jobs like farm labor, hotels cleaning
rooms and janitors. They worked under the table. No more! They've
branched out into jobs formerly worked by Americans including paving,
construction, retail, fast food, landscape, factories and hotel work.
They've destroyed summer jobs for high school and college students.

In a recent Denver Post article, "Jobs Become Scarce For Teens," June 28,
2004, Tiffany Winston, a high school student visited 50 locations for
employment. No luck! "I'm tired of rejection," she said. She's one of
millions of kid who can't find a job. Why? Illegal aliens work in every
sector of our economy. They work the jobs that "Americans won't do." They
serve you those 'smiling meals' or whatever the latest jingle rings in
our ears.

Unfortunately, illegal aliens work many jobs that Americans will work.
What is happening stems from employers illegally hiring at substandard
wages. A few employers make huge amounts of money at the expense of
American taxpayers. With 2.3 million legal and illegal immigrants
marching into our country annually, employers can depress wages at will.
That's why the Third World pays $3.00 a day for labor because there is no
end to the employment line.

If you extrapolate a bit of this 2.3 million people entering our country
annually, you may be able to see what's headed our way as to depression
of our wages. As I wrote in a previous editorial, a Mr. Singh of Madrass,
India said, "You Americans live an artificially high standard of's about time you dropped your standard of living to the poverty
levels of the rest of the world." Yeah, right! Go fly a kite on a
windless day!

Will you watch your wages drop to the Third World or will you take

When Dave Caulkett became upset with the prevalent use of the politically
correct term 'undocumented worker' he launched to
highlight the term as 'politically correct nonsense.' As site traffic
increased, requests to report illegal aliens and their employers to
federal agencies were submitted, mainly due to the cumbersome reporting
procedures in place. As a result of this demand,
launched in fall of 2003 with growing interest and traffic.

"The typical prediction is that most of the clients should be right-wing
immigrant bashers, but such is not the case," Caulkett said. "However,
over 50 percent of the clients are immigrants (who by definition are
legal) of Hispanic ancestry reporting illegal aliens and their employers.
Although initially perplexing it really makes sense because most polls
show that immigrants are not far behind Republicans and Democrats in
their desire for immigration reduction and enforcement. The real
disconnect on the immigration issue is between elites (politicians and
media) and individuals. Just like Caesar Chavez, the agricultural union
organizer, immigrants realize that a new wave of cheap foreign labor will
undercut their wages. Immigrant clients are incensed that they spent the
money and effort to become legal but illegal aliens are not expected by
elites to obey the law."

"Anonymity is very important to the site," Caulkett said. "Without
anonymity most people would not report due to the fear of retaliation. I
have not observed any contrived data. In fact, reports are quite detailed
including false social security numbers and visa numbers."

The site receives numerous complaints about baby-sitters and landscape
workers, but most of the complaints are reporting the presence of illegal
aliens who are allegedly involved in additional criminal activity.
Complaints involve social security card theft, fraudulent marriage for
the purpose of achieving legal status, income tax avoidance, drug
trafficking, prostitution, human smuggling, counterfeiting, sexual
misconduct including statutory rape, wage cheating, and serious
exploitation including confinement. A number of clients are abandoned
overseas spouses reporting bigamy. 'Green Card Heartaches' are the sad
situations when a relationship is terminated when the illegal alien
obtains a green card.

"A striking observation from the complaints is the preponderance of
fraudulent documentation," Caulkett said. "A citizen can only be amazed
at the double standard that our government has promulgated. For example,
citizens are incessantly tax audited and cited by zoning departments for
minor violations. Yet upwards of 13 million foreigners are running around
the country with fraudulent documents committing crimes and the
government inadequately enforces the immigration law. It is an outrage
that citizens are enforced to obey the law but illegal aliens are not."

Therefore, take action. Griping, complaining, crying, shuffling your
feet, making excuses or getting depressed won't help you or fellow
Americans. Your actions are the only thing that counts!

You now have two sites where you can report illegal alien employment. You
can send this article to dozens of friends. The key is, you are using
Yankee Ingenuity. It's what birthed this nation; it's what will save this
nation from this invasion. Go to and

1. The site could be described as "This site,
besides mocking the term undocumented worker, is an illegal immigration
primer whose goal is to provide information on illegal immigration
prevention, enforcement, and attrition."

2. The site allows you to anonymously report
illegal aliens working for an employer as well as the employer to federal

Report Illegals will show you how easily you can report illegal alien
workers and their employers. It forces the Bureau of Immigration and
Customs Enforcement to take action. Tom Ridge might actually have to do
his job for once. What a concept! Since there are 13 million illegal
aliens in our country and millions of them illegally working our jobs,
you will join a formidable army of American citizens.

Calling an illegal alien an 'undocumented worker' is like calling a home
burglar an 'uninvited house guest.' Bank robbers are not making
'unauthorized withdrawals.' A car-jacker is not an 'under-rated driver.'
Teddy Kennedy is not 'an overloaded eating machine.' He's fat! Illegal
means illegal. Start reporting all 13 million of them.

One by one, we WILL take back our country. In the meantime, we might term
our Congress 'unauthorized perpetrators of baloney sandwiches on rye.'

Frosty Wooldridge is a teacher and author who has bicycled 100,000 miles
on six continents to see overpopulation up close and ugly. Latest book,
July. Also, go to and and


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