Monday, July 05, 2004

El Diario/LA PRENSA - Mexican News Celebrates Fourth with Racism

El Diario/LA PRENSA ��� OnLine��: The anniversary of the independence of the United Status is an opportunity to give thanks and reflect upon the significance of living in this country. Today, immigrants and the native-born, those who are undocumented and those who are legal residents, are all part of a tradition of barbecues, friends and fireworks to celebrate independence from Great Britain and the birth of one of the most free societies in the world. …

Americans, Europeans, Africans and Asians arrived in the land of opportunity to create a better life through hard work and sacrifice. That mix created the nation that today is inhabited by all and that we call home. That is reason to celebrate.

The celebration should not keep us from recognizing that this is a tumultuous time of war, terrorism, inequality and anti-immigrant sentiments. Throughout history the image that the U.S. represents liberty and justice has been clouded by inappropriate actions abroad and racist sentiments at home. This is a difficult time. Soldiers and civilians are dying in faraway lands, our civil liberties are threatened in the name of security, the socio-economic breech is abysmal, and raids against undocumented immigrants have returned. Nevertheless, we must recognize the simple and profound freedom to openly debate these issues and to peacefully change leaders who make bad decisions …

Our country today is the only superpower in the world and one of the richest societies on the planet. This enviable position brings with it responsibilities together with the obvious benefits, and requires us to maneuver carefully in the world theater. We are all part of this nation, whether we are a temporary immigrant laborer or a citizen for many years. The simple act of living in this country is a blessing because of all the opportunities, as well as a promise to continue to build a society that every day comes closer to - in content, image and deed - to the land of progress, justice and liberty envisioned in 1776.


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