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Congressmen Tom Tancredo - Press Releases - Tancredo Blasts Mexican President For Making Campaign Promises To Illegals in the United States

Congressmen Tom Tancredo - Press Releases

Newsroom | Press Releases | June 18, 2004
From the Office of
Congressman Tom Tancredo
June 18, 2004

Tancredo Blasts Mexican President For Making Campaign Promises To Illegals in the United States

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Tom Tancredo (CO-06) today has asked the State Department to file a formal protest with the Mexican government, and to condemn the statements made by Mexican President Vicente Fox as he is on a "campaign tour" in Chicago, Minnesota and Michigan this week spurring Mexican nationals to ignore and break U.S. laws.

While at a middle school in Chicago on Wednesday, President Fox pledged to help resolve any issues Mexican’s living in the United States might have, including getting driver’s licenses for illegals, and establishing a bilingual public radio station.

"One can only imagine the reaction of the Mexican Government if President Bush were to travel to Mexico City and encourage Americans living there to violate Mexican law." said Tancredo, chairman of the Immigration Reform Caucus. "I find it extremely disturbing that President Fox is touring areas with high illegal immigration populations and promising them more rights! If Fox wants to help, and spread the word of hope to Mexican nationals, he should do it in the streets of Mexico, not in the heart of Chicago."

President Fox, whose party has been struggling in popularity within Mexico, announced on Tuesday that he planned to pass legislation that would give Mexicans living abroad the ability to vote in Mexico’s 2006 presidential election. Tancredo quipped that he would do his part to help in the absentee voting process by sending ICE agents to personally deliver the ballots.

"If Fox and his party (PAN) were truly leaders of the Mexican people, he would find a way to create jobs for them in their homelands and not force these poor people to leave their families and risk their lives to work in the United States," added Tancredo.

The move does little to dispel Tancredo's concerns that Fox’s government is actively pursuing policies that encourage illegal immigration -- because of the $16 billion in annual remittances it generates for Mexico -- while pressing Mexican nationals living in the US to keep their cultural and political identity with Mexico.


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