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The Coming Break Up of America: Part I

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The Coming Break Up of America: Part I

Commentary by Frosty Wooldridge

July 7, 2004

Have you ever noticed that it's 'we' average citizens who know what's

going on long before politicians in high places get wind of it? Have you

noticed more and more people speaking different languages at the

Schools? Movies? At your local bank? Have you noticed radio stations and TV

crackling with Spanish or other languages in our English speaking America?

Have you seen more people disrespecting the singing of our national anthem?

Have you noticed our laws being broken such as red lights being run or

fleeing accident scenes where they were the cause? Have you noticed more

in our state and national parks, especially in California, Texas and


Have you noticed more flags being flown from other countries instead of Old

Glory? Did you know that more Mexican flags fly from houses, cars and

establishments in California more than the Stars and Stripes? Have you

what has happened to the Golden Bear State? Texas? Arizona? How about

Georgia or Miami, Florida?

Have you ever been incredulous about hearing something that sounded so

preposterous that it "couldn't be true?" Take a second look.

You are watching the "Coming Breakup of America." That's right. Your

country. It is moving methodically, perversely, steadily and provocatively

across our land. Our Congress is aiding it at the highest levels. It is a

nation-destroying experiment being forced on Americans that will prove more

disastrous than 9/11.

Last week, I read a book, "Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America" by

Thomas W. Chittum. This book paints a grim picture of what is happening to

our country. At first, I was incredulous at his supposition. But half way

through the book, his research was so profound and SO evident that it became

a page-turner. It provided a sickening look into the methodology and process

whereby my own country was being destroyed before my eyes.

"History is littered with wars which everybody knew would never happen,"

said Enoch Powell. Today, America fights a war 10,000 miles away while its

borders suffer an invasion so vast, so powerful, so insidiously destructive,

yet so subtle--even our own citizens can't see it. Not yet, that is.

Chittum writes, "America was born in blood." He should know because he is a

decorated Viet Nam veteran.

He said, "Social, political and economic forces are pulling America apart

and driving her toward a bloody conflict that may fracture the nation into

several different countries," he said. "Riots, gangs, militias, exploding

rates, massive immigration, rising unemployment, falling wages.these fuel

the fires of war."

He talks about nations versus empires. "Empires consist of peoples of

different religions, languages, cultures, races and nationalities," he said.

Nations are dominated by one group that makes up a majority of the

Nations are inherently stable while empires are always unstable."

If you look around the United States, we were a stable nation before 1965

with a population mostly of European and African citizens and mostly one

religion. Today, we've imported 60 million people from areas so incompatible

American culture that we recoil at the horrors of female genital mutilation

from Middle Easterners, polygamy of Hmong immigrants, honor killings from

Asia, forced 13 year old girls into marriages and 300 different languages.

Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and other cities speak more foreign languages

than English. "If you'll notice throughout history," he writes, "

multiethnic empires break up in cataclysmic violence." The former Soviet
Union and

Yugoslavia are classic examples of multiethnic empires that shattered in

violence. Today, France is on the same track of self-destruction.

Chittum talks about an unstable, tiered society. Aristotle said, "The only

stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law." As any

average American citizen can see, we're developing a massive underclass of

illegal, Third World, uneducated poor that have become our 'indentured

They won't remain down on the farm for long.

America's supports 13 million illegal aliens that have no allegiance to our

country. A dozen cities feature more foreign-born immigrants than American

citizens. Last year, 800,000 Californians fled their state. Over 200

Spanish-speaking radio stations own the airwaves in Los Angeles. Miami

over 100 Cuban stations. None have any allegiance to America.

How will it get worse? Our politicians may grant amnesty to that 13 million

which will encourage another 13 million. There are so many illegal aliens

that they hide more illegal aliens via 'ethnic sympathy.' But what they

bring us is as dangerous as any armed invasion.

As their numbers grow, they are aided by the Mexican American Legal Defense

and Education Fund. La Raza, another anti-American Mexican organization,

works directly for the overthrow of America. LULAC is another group that

supports the 'Reconquista of Aztlan,' or, the retaking of the American

back into Mexico.

Notice that Mexican president Fox dictates to our leaders what they will do

with his 13 million illegal immigrants in our country. Notice 46 Mexican

consulates in our cities around America supporting his people in our

Notice voter fraud by illegal aliens now able to throw our local and


After three chapters, Chittum's writing sobered me, but I still wasn't

convinced until he offered concrete numbers. "In California in 1993, 665,229

firearms were sold. That's 1,873 per day. Enough firearms were sold to equip

an infantry battalion." For the Californians remaining, there's a lot of

frightened people readying themselves for conflict.

"California is odds-on favorite to kick off Civil War II," Chittum said.

"The instinctive need to be a member of a closely-knit group fighting for

common ideals may grow so strong that it becomes inessential what these

are," said Konrad Lorenz. Illegal Mexican border jumpers separate against

being an American. The 20,000 member "18th Street Gang" in Los Angeles owns

the streets. They coordinate all drug traffic, extortions of businesses,

prostitutes and robberies. Their power, along with MS-13 gangs in 28

cities, grows by the day. Over 60 percent of the members are illegal aliens

and the other 40 percent are legal immigrants. Since they possess no working

skills in our First World society, they find crime as an easier vocation. It

s termed 'Third World Momentum.' Its corruption is so deep, so wide and so

embedded that it's as intrinsic as the sewer systems in those cities.

How many and how much? Los Angeles sheriff files register 100,000 gang

members. San Antonio features 5,000 gang members. Chicago estimates 50,000

members. Former Attorney Janet Reno estimated over 500,000 gang members have

imported themselves into the USA. They commit an average of 580,000 crimes

annually in our country.

So why do our politicians sit and twiddle their thumbs? Why do they aid and

abet by doing nothing? Can't they see what's happening to California?

Texas? Arizona? The answer in a nutshell: No!

Why? Because Americans, like the proverbial frog being thrown into the pot

of water and the stove being turned up to high, will keep adapting until we

boil to death. The same thing happened to the Romans, French, Spanish and

every other great nation that tumbled into the dustbin of history. Spain

into submission by the Madrid train bombing. France stands on the doorstep

of a crisis it won't be able to contain.

I never thought I would have to fight for my own country inside my own

country. But the time is fast approaching. Chittum adds that if immigration

continues at 2.3 million per year, we won't have enough Americans to stand
up for


Part II: Urban Street Gangs, Growing Militias, Ethnic Enclaves, Bloody

Lessons of Tribal Europe, Solutions to this crisis.

Frosty Wooldridge is a teacher, author and has bicycled 100,000 miles around

the globe to see overpopulation up close and ugly. Book due in late July: '


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