Monday, July 05, 2004

Colorado Daily Tancredo better than Fote on immigration

Colorado Daily
Tancredo better than Fote on immigration

"Border skirmish" by Aldo Svaldi in the Business section of The Denver Post, June 27, contrasts Congressman Tom Tancredo's views on our disastrous immigration policies with the polar-opposite views of Charlie Fote, the CEO of First Data Corporation.

Tancredo designs immigration policy not on the money interests of a single company in his district but on what is clearly best, financially and otherwise, for the United States. Are our elected representatives in Washington not sworn to uphold, our national interests?

With Tancredo the collective interests of his constituents and of all Americans come first, and his own personal financial gain last.

With Fote making money obviously trumps our national welfare. "We will (politically) support," he wrote (in an e-mail to the Post) "the individual who we believe best reflects the interests of our business and this district."

There's money in "them thar hills." Charlie Fote wants to keep it there; he wants to keep on transmitting thirty billion (spelled with a "b") dollars a year for Latin American workers, here legally or illegally, to their relatives in Latin America. Tancredo's proposal to Congress is simply that U.S. foreign aid "be offset by the money that workers in the U.S. send abroad." How can any reasonably minded American citizen be opposed to that?

The Post story tells us that Tancredo "built his political career on ideas to control immigration." Not true. His ideas and interests, as a Colorado state representative, as the regional representative for higher education, and for three terms now as a Congressman are as broad as America itself.

Tancredo is a statesman, not a mere politician. Would that his tribe increase!

Charles L. King


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