Monday, June 14, 2004

Tri-Valley Herald Online - 32 Modesto Students Expelled After Sale of Narcotics to Undercover Officers

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Modesto district expels 32 students after large drug sting


MODESTO -- School officials said that 32 of the 42 high school students arrested on charges of trying to sell drugs to undercover police have been expelled from the city's school district.
Police worked on the investigation for about two months. The students who were arrested but not expelled had taken money to deliver drugs to an officer, but hadn't gone through with the deal. The expulsion was recommended by district staff, and the Board of Education voted unanimously to expel each one, trustee Connie Chin said.

"We have to maintain school campuses that are safe for students," Chin said. "As a parent, when I send my child to school, I don't want him accosted by those who are selling drugs. I don't think other parents do, either."

The board considered the students' behavior and their academic record before making the decision, Chin said. "Most of them were not good students, but some of them had good GPAs," Chin said. "As a human, I feel sorry for the people who messed up. But I have to look at the bigger picture, what drugs can do to people."

Most of the kids were arrested because of marijuana sales. "Marijuana leads to other things," said police Sgt. Ron Cloward, head of the department's drug task force. "People think it's harmless, and pretty soon they're doing heroin."

Cloward said police would continue to have informants at high schools.


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