Wednesday, June 23, 2004 News - Latest News - Illegal Immigrant Wins - and Loses - Top Police Job News - Latest News - Illegal Immigrant Wins - and Loses - Top Police Job

A police force withdrew the offer of a top job when security checks revealed that the candidate was an illegal immigrant, it emerged today.

Cambridgeshire Police thought it had filled the £42,000-a-year post of Head of Diversity when one applicant outshone others during the interview stage of the selection process.

But it was forced to withdraw the offer when vetting checks showed that he was in the country illegally.

The same force is trying to rebuild its reputation after being severely criticised by the Bichard report for failing to carry out adequate checks on Soham murderer Ian Huntley.

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesman said that the man, who is of African descent, landed the job to work alongside police officers because he had performed well at interview and had relevant experience.

It is understood the man previously held a senior management post in this country.

“Our vetting processes are very thorough and very detailed, and we conduct these checks on a routine basis.

“During routine checks it became clear he was not legally in this country.

“We withdrew the offer and are now continuing with the appointment process,” the spokesman said.

The case has been passed to the Immigration and Nationality Department within the Home Office.


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