Sunday, June 13, 2004

Reuters |Arabs held in Euro 2004 city in immigration query

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Arabs held in Euro 2004 city in immigration query
Sat 12 June, 2004 15:58

PORTO, Portugal (Reuters) - Seven Arab men face questioning on Portuguese immigration charges after a tip from Dutch intelligence officials led to their arrest, authorities say.

The seven were among 15 Arab men arrested in Porto on Friday, a spokesman for the Dutch intelligence service AIVD said.

"Apparently, this has led to the arrests in Portugal of a group of people," AIVD spokesman Vincent van Steen told Reuters in Amsterdam on Saturday, referring to the tip.

He said one of the men was part of a radical Islamic group in the Netherlands. It is not known if he is still being held for questioning or is among the eight men released.

The remaining men -- six Moroccans and a Tunisian -- face only possible immigration charges right now, an immigration service source said.

"They are being held because they are here illegally in Portugal," he said.

"As of now, nothing indicates that they are linked to any terrorist acts," the source told Reuters.

Porto, about 200 miles north of Lisbon, is the site of the inaugural game of the European soccer championships on Saturday between Portugal and Greece. Security is tight amid fears of hooliganism and extremist attacks.

The men were arrested in a raid by investigative Judiciary Police and the Security Intelligence Service. A Judiciary Police spokesman was not available to comment


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