Monday, June 14, 2004

PanseyAnn on Mexican Invasion of Kansas

Subject: Re: Digest Number 181

Here in Kansas where HB 2145 was made law by our Governor Sebelius for
children of illegal aliens who attended at least three years of high school or
received a GED of credit from a public education institution on May 25, 2004, in
time for the "Brown Vs. The Topeka, Kansas Public School System" fiftieth
celebration. This new state law now puts the tax burden not only on citizens of
Kansas but also on the backs of every citizen of the USA who pays Federal Taxes
in the form of educational grants and scholarships given to at risk illegal
While colleges and universities and other higher education or vocational
are forced to raise their tuition's to off set the dwindling US economy and
promised Federal Funding that continues to be delayed over and over again by
bureaucratic red tape. Kansan's not only pays for the education of children of
illegals but also for their health and food needs as well. As more and more
middle income families lose everything they worked for because of lost jobs by
either job exportation or layoffs because of corporate greed the tax base is
deteriorating because the illegals send their money back to their countries in
an unprecedented amount.
Mexico will soon claim that the bulk of their oil GNP monies are
superseded by the billions sent by millions of Hispanic legals or illegals residing
in this country. This money does not circulate in the USA as it once did
through middle income families of citizens of this country but instead ends up in
drugs, smugglers, and murders and stronger and stronger gang terrorists ready
to kill an "Anglo gringo" according to Jose Gutierrez of Texas who is an
American Citizen by birth in the USA and perhaps the biggest raciest this country
has ever seen since Hitler.
A modest organization like South Central Coalition of Americans
Together, Incorporated nonprofit (for legal immigration reform and enforcement and
English first) is formed from a Kansas grass roots group from a hand full of
learned activists. This organization has been growing here in Kansas and there is
much to do to save Kansas and other states from the invasion our government
continues to ignore. Our Kansas SCCAT, Inc. Organization has been labeled
raciest, xenophobic, Nazi, and hysterical and even given a place in the list by
Southern Poverty League as such.
Why you ask, because our organization dares to publish articles about the
truth of economics, education, commerce, industry, and population movements
in Kansas. One such article was forwarded to the editor and chief of the La
Raza Web Site on line by a disgruntled SER Leader. SER is an organization which
provides educational training, legal help, shelter, and basic needs
information. Training of what? The poor ignorant Hispanic Immigrants who come here
oppressed from their homelands. The USA Navy and Federal Education Grants
supported SER is one of the sources that an undisclosed Hispanic American, whom
feared for their life, said is one of the many depots of the Mexican Under Ground
Railroad supported by a faction of the Catholic Religion and other such Federal
Governmental Grant subsidized organizations.
If you have relatives or friends who have had to pay out of state
tuition in the state of Kansas for their education please have them contact FAIR to
join a huge discrimination class action lawsuit that is growing daily against
the state of Kansas the governor and the many senators and legislators who
passed this state law which is aiding and abetting Federal Criminal illegals
here in Kansas.
One of the arguments that the Sunflower Action Coalition of Hispanics and
the Los Hispanos Unidos pounded into a public hearing was that they pay taxes
here in Kansas just like the Kansas Citizen. They don't pay taxes because
they have many ways to avoid paying taxes here in Kansas because they are
illegals with no permeant residence here in Kansas. I can tell you the five ways
they don't but not in this wordy written article for PANNEWS. Later on I will
elaborate how the illegal avoids paying state and Federal taxes here in
Kansas. Ann E. Meritt, President and Founder of SCCAT, Inc. np, P.O. Box
344, Haysville, Ks. 67060-0344, 316 516-0087, FAX: 316 524-8534,


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