Thursday, June 17, 2004

One Reporter's Opinion - Border Patrol Making Headway

One Reporter's Opinion - Border Patrol Making Headway

One Reporter's Opinion - Border Patrol Making Headway
George Putnam
Saturday, June 19, 2004
It is this reporter's opinion that 12 border patrolmen assigned to a unit in Temecula, Calif. are, by doing their duty (enforcing our immigration laws) creating hysteria in the Latino community. These 12 "roving patrol" agents in the Temecula office, by apprehending violators of our sovereignty, are creating such havoc that activists are considering action to stop a crackdown on the illegal alien invasion.
At least 161 illegal immigrants have been apprehended in northern San Diego County in the past weeks - part of an ongoing border patrol operation that has led to scores of detentions in other southern California cities. Fifty-three illegals were apprehended recently in Escondido - part of the 161 people detained in north San Diego since June 4th. The border patrol apprehended 79 on June 4th in Ontario and, mind you, this is 100 miles from Mexico! The patrol picked up 75 the following day in Corona, 80 miles north of the border. And these arrests were made by only 12 roving patrol agents assigned to a unit created several months ago in the agency's Temecula office.

Is it effective, you ask?

Of the 315 apprehended this month, 283 voluntarily returned to Mexico. The others were placed in deportation proceedings or ordered to appear in court. Separately, the border patrol has questioned 9,972 people on trolleys, at bus stops, in train stations, and other public transportation venues in San Diego County since the middle of April. 291 illegals were apprehended including 233 who voluntarily returned to Mexico.

On the flipside of the coin, activists are holding mass demonstrations. The Latino groups, along with the ACLU, are screaming "racism!" charging that federal agents are violating their civil rights. There are radio warnings on Spanish language stations of "la migra." The Spanish language stations, including the one taken over from this reporter, are warning where the border patrol is conducting sweeps and the broadcasts have become almost as frequent as three-way traffic alerts!

Those of us who live armpit-to-armpit with this situation cannot believe that Spanish language radio stations in the southern California area are actually broadcasting warnings to help illegals to avoid sweep areas and thus aiding and abetting those who are violating our sovereignty - our law.

Illegal aliens are committing a crime by just being here! These Spanish-speaking radio stations, may be aiding them in ongoing criminal activity by helping them to avoid apprehension.

On one broadcast of Lou Dobbs Tonight, he reported: "Customs and border protection agents' hands are tied because their job no longer includes enforcement. Instead they have to man their posts 8-10 hours a day to serve as a deterrent, part of a bureaucratic decision that critics say is jeopardizing our national security. T. J. Bonner, of the National Border Patrol Council, is quoted as saying, 'Even if they see people walking directly in front of them or to the side, they are to do nothing.'"

And now the Catholic Church has entered the controversy. Catholic priests in the San Bernardino diocese have been asked to read a letter from Bishop Gerald Barnes at Spanish language masses as follows: "It hurts us that families are suffering separations, that fear is keeping people from the tasks of daily life. Experiences like these challenge our faith and our obligation as Christians." And the church leaders have handed out information detailing so-called immigration rights if the illegals are detained.

More than 1,500 people marched from Ontario to Pomona to protest the illegal alien sweeps. More meetings are planned for San Bernardino.

Can you believe that this nation, generous as it is in aiding the dregs of society, can further tolerate this mass invasion and flaunting activist behavior, suing to halt arrests of our border patrol in a feeble attempt to protect the sovereignty of the U.S.?

Whoever thought we would come to the point in America where we would find it necessary to resort to consensual conversations in interviewing and questioning violators of our sovereignty and that protesters representing foreign elements would bring illegal action alleging civil and human rights violations under our own Constitution.

The bottom line is every decent American has an obligation to support our border patrol.

If 12 border patrolmen, doing their patriotic duty enforcing our sovereignty, can cause this kind of hysteria among the illegals, think of what a crackdown would mean on the 4,000 miles of porous borders of our great country. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise - that this very action on the part of 12 border patrolmen may bring the whole issue into the sharp political focus we have been longing for.

**Fax your opinions to Steven McPhartland, Public Affairs Officer at Border Patrol San Diego: 619-216-4047

**If you agree with alerting the FCC to the fact that these Spanish language radio stations in the Los Angeles area are using their frequencies to warn the illegal aliens by broadcasting reports of border patrol interior enforcement operations to help illegal aliens avoid the areas, thereby aiding and abetting lawbreakers during the continuing commission of federal crimes, call them toll-free at 888-225-5322.

The legendary George Putnam is 89 years young and a veteran of 69 years as a reporter, broadcaster and commentator ... and is still going strong on KSPA-AM, 12 noon to 2 p.m. Pacific Time - simulcast all over the world on the CRN Radio Network.


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