Saturday, June 19, 2004

My Congressman Replies - Paula Devlin

My Congressman Replies - Paula Devlin

My Congressman Replies
By Paula Devlin (06/19/2004)

When I was in high school, Jack Kennedy replied to an inquiry and signed the letter himself. Sad to say, I threw that letter out when I went to college.

But this is not about The Antiques Road Show almosts: it is about the rejection (88-331) of the passage of the Undocumented Alien Emergency Medical Assistance Amendment of 2004 (H.R. 3722). This bill was not about denying emergency medical services to these parasites and freeloaders, but about keeping track of them and making someone, other than the much-abused taxpayers, responsible for the tab.

Typical of our out-of-touch politicians, this misguided congressman believed that this legislation would unduly burden physicians. Obviously, when he wants medical attention he simply has a staff member call his personal physician and goes right in for an assessment. This elitist has never gone to an emergency room as an unknown. Seeing a physician takes hours, if it even happens. Mr. Congressman does not make his case. This amendment would not make a physician an immigration officer any more than filing insurance claims makes him an insurance claims representative.

In an emergency room there is an intake person, behind bullet proof glass, passing out clipboards with tedious forms to be completed. This is the key point at which citizenship or legal residency can be determined. Just as bankers and stockbrokers make copies of a picture ID of anyone who wishes to do business, physicians, hospitals and lawyers should be subjected to the same burdensome regulations. Why should these other professionals get a pass?

What the Rohrabacher Amendment proposed was to require the medical service recipient to fill out a form, just like real citizens do, which includes information on citizenship, immigration status, address in the U.S., financial responsibility (including insurance) and the identity of the employer. It also requires an identifier, such as a fingerprint. How different is this from what law-abiding citizens have to do? It is very different from what Congressmen have to do.

Nowhere in this amendment does it say, as my Congressman claims, “to report patients or withhold care”. It does say that providing healthcare to illegals “is appropriate only (A) to protect the health and safety of United States citizens; (B) to save the life of an undocumented alien in a life-threatening medical emergency; and (C) to stabilize an emergency medical condition so that an undocumented alien can be repatriated for medical treatment in the alien’s own country.” What’s wrong with deporting these thieves? They can take their families with them.

Mr. Congressman goes on to say that requiring this information would discourage the miscreant from seeking care for illnesses that could harm others. By time they get around to getting medical attention, one can only wonder how many have been infected with diseases that had been eradicated in the States.

How can free medical services to illegals be justified when and estimated 25% of American citizens are without medical insurance because it is unaffordable?

Without effective border control and careful screening of all passers, this is a self-serving, globalist argument. Thousands come across the borders legally on a daily basis without any medical screenings. We have so much produce shipped in by Mexican trucks, who knows what is coming across? There is certainly nothing to prevent disease from coming in on produce, such as the Mexican scallions that sickened so many people. Who can say that imported produce would not be used to carry biological WMD’s? (They already carry drugs.) Is anyone even checking? The borders should be as tightly controlled as the airports.

Our elected officials are certainly not responsive to their constituents. If the 331 congressmen who voted against the passage of this legislation had been representing their constituents it would have passed.

Are these congressional delegates adhering to another agenda that is inimical to the best interests of the Republic? One might even conjecture that they are recipients of campaign contributions from organizations such as La Raza, which actively advocates the repatriation of the Southwest to Mexico. (La Raza recruits on college campuses and is alleged to have associations with the Palestine Liberation Organization [PLO]).

Mr. Congressman goes on to say that the issue of immigration is very important to our state and the United States and waxes poetic about immigration. The whole paragraph completely ignores the issue of illegal immigration, which is conceptually different from immigration. It is modified by the adjective ILLEGAL. It is comparable to the difference between running a state lottery and being a bookie.

Are citizens getting equal protection or are they victims of a massive fraud by our federal and state governments? Shouldn’t these illegals be arrested for theft of services? If medical service providers are not required to keep proper records of their clients, how can the guilty be prosecuted?

Is this welcoming of illegals by giving free medical care, drivers licenses and voting privileges (motor voter registration) part of a hidden agenda?

Why else would three hundred and thirty one Congressmen spit on the Constitution and stick it to the taxpayers?

Paula Devlin is a former New Englander who bolted to the Rocky Mountain West where the air is clear, the stars are brilliant and men still put their pants on one leg at a time.


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