Saturday, June 19, 2004

Moviment Graffitti urges authorities to tackle Illegal Immigration with a more Social Conscience

Moviment Graffitti urges authorities to tackle Illegal Immigration with a more Social Conscience

VALLETTA, Malta --June 19, 2004 - 1350 CET -Moviment Graffitti is joining forces with other humanitarian organizations in the commemoration of the international Day for Refugees on the 19th June, 2004. On this particular day, Moviment Graffitti feels the need to remind that asylum seekers are not criminals and therefore should not be treated as such.

Asylum seekers leave their countries to find refuge from cruel circumstances such as torture, persecution and possibly death. However, instead of sympathy and support, most governments are treating these persons as criminals.

This is due to the fact that whilst most of them would have left their countries, this being the only way to safeguard their lives, instead of finding a better alternative, find themselves detained for a lengthy period of time, sometimes indefine without liberty and other basic fundamental rights. However, since they have committed no criminal offence, their detention is not justified. A number are also being repatriated back to their countries against their will and to a serious threat to the lives.

Moviment Graffitti views that the problem of illegal immigration can never be resolved through repression, but it can be improved through a process of integration. Moviment Graffitti questions the logic of repression and observes that such situation is increasing the slave market industry and human trafficking. Besides, illegality degrades immigrants and places them in a world of social exclusion. The inclusion and integration of these immigrants would not only remove these negative aspects but would also provide positive effects on the demography and culture of the receiving country. Our society can benefit from different skills, culture and talents which these immigrants uphold.

Therefore, Moviment Graffitti calls for a radical change in the European immigration policy. Moviment Graffitti is against the concept of a fortress Europe and does not see reason why the immigration policy should only be a European process.

In the present day, the world situation shows great economic divergence between first world and thrid world countries. Moviment Graffitti observes that this lack of equaltiy is the root of immigration. It is ironic and contradictory that whilst the process of globalization is opening up borders and the liberal market for capital, restriction of borders is taking place for human beings, most often direct victims of the process of economic globalization.

In the local context, Moviment Graffitti urges the concerned authorities to tackle the problem of illegal immigration with more social conscience. This is because, the search for a dignified life, is not a criminal offence but a basic fundamental human right.


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