Friday, June 18, 2004

Man whose wife was deported asks for help from Fox

Fox vows to support Mexicans here

Man whose wife was deported asks for help

When Rodolfo Benitez's wife, Maria Isabel, was deported from Chicago -- four months pregnant -- he wasn't sure where to turn for help.

On Thursday, he went all the way to the top. The 42-year-old Chicago man took his case to Mexican President Vicente Fox, asking him to intervene in the case.

"Right now, my family is fractured," said Rodolfo Benitez, a U.S. citizen. "I am hoping that President Fox can do something to help."

About a week before Mothers Day, Maria Isabel tried to clear up her immigration status with federal officials. According to her husband, immigration officials took her into custody after she admitted to interviewers that she had previously been deported.

The couple have three children -- all of them U.S. citizens -- and were expecting a fourth child when Maria Isabel was sent back to Mexico in May.

Illinois legislators in Washington protested the move, saying that her circumstances -- pregnant and already having a family -- should have played a role in determining whether she could stay. Immigration officials deported her anyway.

The couple's youngest daughter went back to Mexico with her mother. The two other children and Rodolfo stayed behind. "It's hard for me, but it's really hard for the kids," Rodolfo Benitez said.

Fox told Benitez that he was going to press the issue through diplomatic means.

That was a relief for Benitez and his family.

"We are not asking for anything more than just to have our family back together again," he said. "I hope he can make that happen."


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