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The search continues for the killer of a young mother who was stabbed to death. A relative found her lying on the floor with her two young daughters attempting to wake her in their apartment in the 6000 block of Bissonnet, according to police.

News of a neighbor’s murder is what everyone’s talking about. “I have kids and I don’t feel safe here at all to be real honest,” said neighbor Carlos Rodriguez.

Just before lunch Tuesday, a relative found Mireya Hernandez lying dead on a bedroom floor.

The victim's two-year-old daughter was found sitting on top of her mother kissing her cheek and telling her mother to wake up. A ten-month-old daughter was found nearby in a baby's bed. Both children were unharmed, but covered in blood.

Police say there appeared to be a violent struggle since blood was found throughout the one bedroom apartment. There was no sign of forced entry.

“The people who did this. They gotta pay for this,” said Juan Hernandez, the victim’s husband.

Mireya’s husband said he got a call at work. “My brother called me [and said] my wife is dead in the apartment. I don't want to believe him, you know, like I said my hands started shaking, you know.”

Robbery does not appear to be have been a motive in the incident. The victim sold candy, sodas and soft drinks from her kitchen window. Cash and coins were in plain view when police arrived.

Hernandez brought his family to Houston several years ago from San Luis, Mexico.

The couple has two daughters, Jasmine, who’s almost three, and 9-month-old Veronica.

The family hopes her two little girls will never remember the horror they witnessed, but their father will likely never forget the call he got.

Juan Hernandez said his two daughters were with relatives late Tuesday evening while he figured out what to do and where to go next.


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