Monday, June 14, 2004

Just say no to driver's licenses for illegal aliens North County Times - North San Diego and Southwest Riverside County News

Just say no to driver's licenses for illegal aliens North County Times - North San Diego and Southwest Riverside County News

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Just say no to driver's licenses for illegal aliens

By: MARK WYLAND - Commentary

Last year, liberals who dominate the state Legislature passed a bill giving driver's licenses to illegal aliens. This bill was signed into law by then Gov. Gray Davis, who was facing a recall election. The public was outraged. Republican candidates for governor promised to roll back the illegal driver's license bill if one of them were to be elected governor.

In the wake of the recall election, the new governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, made it clear that he intended to live up to his campaign pledge.

Shell-shocked by the recall election results, and a gathering referendum drive to repeal the law, legislative liberals feared additional public outrage over the illegal driver's license issue. They agreed to cooperate with Republican members and roll back the law. However, they pledged to bring the issue up again in the future.

Now the liberals and illegal alien advocates are at it again. The latest illegal alien driver's license bill has been described as a requirement before liberals will vote for a budget, and touted as a "sensible and pragmatic" solution to the problem of illegal immigrants driving without licenses.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It is neither "sensible" nor "pragmatic" to issue driver's licenses to individuals who have broken our nation's laws by illegally entering California. One of the so-called "sensible" measures in this legislation is a requirement that an illegal alien applying for a California driver's license admit to being here illegally. One would think that this admission of illegal status would be enough to deport the illegal alien, but instead it rewards him with California's official identification.

One suggested provision prohibits the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Justice from sharing information on these illegal aliens with other law enforcement agencies. We are at war with an enemy who has used our lax identification procedures to murder innocent Americans, but this bill would instead bend over backward to make sure the privacy (and background) of illegal aliens being issued our main identification document is protected.

There is another, more rational way to solve the problem of illegal aliens on our roads and freeways. If a driver is determined by law enforcement to be an illegal alien, the Immigration and Naturalization Service should be immediately contacted and the individual deported. The long-term solution to this problem is to exercise real control over our borders to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. In the meantime, we should not give in to the pressure of granting licenses to those here illegally.

Mark Wyland is a state assemblyman for North San Diego County.


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