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Immigration By Solution Management Or Crisis Management

Immigration By Solution Management Or Crisis Management

Immigration By Solution Management Or Crisis Management
Guest Commentary
Immigration By Solution Management Or Crisis Management
By Frosty Wooldridge
Jun 27, 2004, 10:50
Have you ever lost control of your car by going too fast on a rain slick highway? Did you ever take a test
for which you didn't study? Did you ever try to lose weight after adding 50 pounds? Have you ever sat at
the back of a class and wished you had spoken up about something when you had the chance? Have you
ever left the soup on the stove until it burned because you weren't watching it? Have you ever had
something happen in your life that became a crisis because you didn't do anything until it raged out of
If you answered "Yes" to those questions, you struggled with "crisis management." You lost control and
everything that happened to you became a consequence. However, if you studied for the test, you
breezed through it. If you slowed down on the wet highway, you got home safely. If you watched the soup,
it didn't have a chance to burn. You maintained "solution management."
Today, because of inept politicians, virtually the entire Congress, and unaware Americans, our borders
suffer an invasion of an unarmed army. We are being overrun, overwhelmed and in fact, a massive force
of illegal alien immigrants from around the world is invading us. They're pouring over our borders at one
million annually. There is no end to their line. To date, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates between 9 and
13 million illegal aliens reside in our country. Their numbers are way out of control and their consequences
are beginning to be a little worse than burned soup or failing a test. We could lose our country.
Fellow Americans-we face a crisis in our nation greater than any in the past 228 years. We face an
immigration crisis on such a grand scale, if not stopped, will undermine the foundation of our republic.
Every section of our society suffers from consequences provoked and fueled by this crisis.
How many of you have tested positive for the new strains of MDR tuberculosis? Did you know we have
16,000 new cases of TB brought to us by illegal aliens not being screened at our borders? Who among
you has been robbed, raped or molested by illegal aliens? The fact is 29 percent of our state and federal
prisons hold legal and illegal aliens at a cost of $1 billion annually. So, whether you like it or not, you are
being robbed as you feed, clothe and house those prisoners at $63.00 per day. Our tax dollars pay out
$90 billion for immigration costs annually. Are your kids addicted to drugs? Did you know that 75 percent
of all drugs addicting our children come across the Mexican border?
Do your kids enjoy a top rate education because everyone speaks English in their classrooms or are they
being cheated because the teacher must deal with a half dozen foreign languages? School crowding? Did
you know the USA spends $7.4 billion of your tax dollars paying for the estimated 1.5 million illegal alien
kids in classrooms across America?
How many of you who have seen your jobs vanish to H-1B or L-1 visas? How about your kids' summer
fast food jobs or landscape jobs being filled by illegal aliens? Have you seen your job off-shored, outsourced
or in-sourced? Do you sense the smell of your life burning or is that your soup? (1 of 3)6/27/2004 6:15:42 AM
Immigration By Solution Management Or Crisis Management
Anybody go to the hospital where illegal aliens were being served and not paying, but you stood in line
with your wallet about to be stripped? Did you know that 350,000 illegal alien pregnant mothers cross over
our borders to birth anchor babies? Did you know it costs you billions of dollars for their welfare?
How about the crime? Were you one of the 57,600 people in Phoenix, Arizona last year that had your car
stolen? Did you know those vehicles became drug smuggling and people transporting vehicles for a crime
syndicate so brash that it runs at will across our borders?
Have you heard about how Tom Ridge is protecting us with Homeland Security so tight that he's proud of
his airports being secured? Let me give you a reality check. I spent two weeks on the Texas, New Mexico
and Arizona border a month ago. Illegals DRIVE their cars over the border by the thousands daily. They
can and do walk over the border for miles. There is a pick-up system better than UPS and Greyhound.
Smugglers pick up and deliver with precision clockwork. Homeland Security is the laughing stock of the
terrorist world!
Have I hit on every consequence occurring in America today concerning this crisis? No, I haven't touched
the first layer of this growing national nightmare. I could talk about schools in crisis, state debts out of
control, English language being destroyed, treason by Mexican Americans who encourage Aztlan and the
concept of retaking our four border states back into Mexico, medical health care drowning in debt, more
diseases and growing gang syndicates operating in our country. I could talk about the insanity of mayors
of dozens of cities giving 'Special Order 40' sanctuary to illegal aliens. I could talk about corrupt
Congressmen like Chris Cannon in Utah who openly encourage illegal aliens to come to America and he
even solicits funds from them to support him.
Speaking one on one, it's time for action. You can't walk away and let the soup burn. You can't let the fire
get out of control. You must study for the test so you don't flunk it. You've got to be sensible about eating
before you have a weight problem. You need to slow down before your car flies out of control.
We need to save our country by "solution management." As Americans, we need to tell all our friends to
link arms, to write, call, join web sites, demand action and take action. Letters to the editors by the millions
is a start. Demand your mayors stop illegal alien sanctuary. Stand on your senators toes, ears and hands
to get his attention--everyday. Call to the top TV networks that you want this national nightmare stopped.
The key is to take action before this nightmare careens out of our control to determine our nation's future.
Because if we don't get a 10-year moratorium on all immigration into this country within the next year or
two, it's going to be like a California wildfire that will engulf this entire nation in a conflagration that none of
us will be able to stop.
Frosty Wooldridge ( is a teacher and author who has bicycled 100,000 miles
on six continents to see overpopulation up close and ugly. Next book due out in July: 'IMMIGRATION'S
UNARMED INVASION-DEADLY CONSEQUENCES.' Also, go to his website for action items. Go to www. to become a faxer and to sign the petition.
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