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ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: QUAGMIRE OF FILTH ACROSS THE DESERT By Frosty Wooldridge posted Jun 25, 2004, 00:01

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: QUAGMIRE OF FILTH ACROSS THE DESERT By Frosty Wooldridge posted Jun 25, 2004, 00:01

By Frosty Wooldridge
Jun 25, 2004

"ILLEGAL ENTRIES" by 30 year veteran Border Patrol officer John W. Slagle
exposes the vulnerability of our southern borders to infiltration by any
terrorist who wants access to the United States. Mexican drug rings and
'coyotes' cross our borders at will 24/7. They transport 75 percent of all
illegal drugs sold on the streets of America. As for human cargoes, they charge
from $1,500.00 to $3,500.00 per client, and as high as $25,000.00 for Chinese
and Middle Easterners.

It might cause readers deep chagrin to know that once illegal aliens make their
way into the United States, they earn money to send for their relatives. Those
relatives, in turn, buy their passage across the border with U.S. dollars. You
might be deeply thrilled to know that illegal aliens and legal immigrants alike
send $15 billion back to Mexico annually. It's one of the reasons they have 22
billionaires and the lowest income tax, at 14 percent, in Latin America. Why
not? They send their poorest and most uneducated into our country and let us pay
to educate their children. How many? Estimates range from 1 to 1.5 million
illegal alien children are taught on the U.S. taxpayer's backs. Cost per child?
The average is $7,000.00 per year and higher. Do the math. Now, reach for an
Excedrin and a Pepto Bismol. Not helping? Call your congressman with a good
rant. Write Lou Dobbs: or

Don't think this invasion is a big deal? Check out the June 7, 2004 issue of
Forbes Magazine at "Preying On Human Cargo" by Michael Maiello
and Susan Kitchens will sober you to this billion dollar invasion of the USA.

On average, each illegal alien drops eight pounds of trash while making his way
into America. At an estimated one million per year, that means eight million
pounds of trash blow around the desert.

But other things are worse. John W. Slagle is a retired U.S. Border Patrol
special agent with over 27 years experience. He minces no words in his story
about the crisis at the border. We're no safer today with all our fancy airport
screeners than we were before 9/11.

"Do you see anything changing by your involvement?" I asked. "It's been noted
that only one out of four illegal aliens are captured."

"Today on the Diamond Bell Ranch, Joe and I used my old four wheel drive Chevy
to check out the major traveling trails from Sasabe which is 34 kilometers south
and on the U.S. Border," Slagle Said. "Sasabe Sonora and Altar Sonora are
Mexican villages that stage thousands of people waiting to be brought into
Arizona. Due west of Three Points Arizona on highway 286 is the vast Tohono
Oodham Indian Nation which also has its share of Border Crime. There are 69
Police Officers for the Reservation and the U.S. Border Patrol who supply Agents
to help stem the tide of illegals who flood the area constantly. In 2003 over
1,500 illegal border crossers per day were estimated on reservation land. In
excess of 300,000 pounds of narcotics were seized and 80 illegals were found
dead in the desert. Massive tons of trash left behind by illegals is a serious
and costly problem for the Tohono Nation."

"What kind of ecological damage are they doing," I asked. "What is our
government doing to stop it?"

"On this side of the Boboquivarie Mountains, the Altar Valley has the same
problems. Joseph Mathew videotaped many areas, which are a blight, an eyesore
and environmental hazards in Southern Arizona. One site had over 100 half full
plastic water jugs, discarded clothing, jackets, old socks, bloody bandages,
food containers, empty and full as well as human feces, soiled toilet paper and
rags. We observed five additional lay-up areas within 2 kilometers of the
Diamond Bell. One site had over 50 backpacks and fresh "sign" that indicated the
group of 50 or more had been loaded up within the previous 24 hours. On Garvey,
a dirt road that runs south from the Diamond Bell Ranch Road is also the
location where a man's body was found on the 8th of March, a homicide victim.
There are at least seven different staging sites on Garvey. The washes are
cluttered with the debris left by illegal aliens and narcotics transporters.
Many of the packs contained evidence of the owners nationality which were
discarded--Mexican credulas, telephone calling cards and documents from El
Salvador, Guatemala and Colombia.

"What astonishes me," I said, "is that Tom Ridge keeps pretending our borders
are secure and that we're safe. What's really happening?" "On the 17th, I'll
return to the fresh staging sites and take 35-millimeter photos of the trash and
debris which are an eyesore in a beautiful section of Arizona. I will take many
trash bags and load up garbage that kills livestock and pollutes the land. Many
rural residents from Sasabe, Arivaca to the Altar Valley try to also clean up
the dumps left by the constant flow of illegal aliens that are condoned by both
political parties.

"Here in the desert, it takes a full year for the sun to destroy a plastic water
bottle. From the Border to 40 miles north are multi-thousands of bottles to
harmful substances cattle or horses can ingest and die from on an open range.
Today we found medicine packets, small plastic containers of medicinal alcohol
and unknown pills scattered at campsites. Joe was also shown piles of bleached
bones of range animals that died in the washes and paths used by illegal aliens.

"I would imagine that if the President of the United States' Crawford Ranch was
trashed like the Diamond Bell, the 98 or the Anvil and all open areas north,
east and west running from the Border, he might have a few concerns for rural
Arizonans and the Tohono citizens. With the incoming tides of people seeking
work in the Government's Employment Agency for the world--are also people from
Mexico and other nations who steal what they need, invade homes and assault
Border residents."

"What can Americans do?" I asked in exasperation. "What do American ranchers do
along the border?"

"This is a fact long ignored in Washington, DC and why most people far from
urban sprawl carry a firearm in a once sovereign state of Arizona. Human
Traffickers will smuggle any nationality into the United States for a price--
Chinese to Mid-Eastern Terrorists. Contraband weapons can enter the States as
easily as narcotics shipments flow from Arivaca."

As with much of the snake oil that flows from the mouths of Washington
bureaucrats, it's unsettling when they live in the safety of their gated
communities, but neglect to carry out their sworn duty to American citizens. You
have to wonder why Arizona's Kolbe, Flake and McCain keep doing everything they
can do to help illegal aliens, instead of representing American citizens. The
same goes for Chris Cannon and Orin Hatch of Utah. Let's not forget Mark Udall
and Diana Degette of Colorado. Those are the folks who vote for H-1B visas, L-1
visas, Dream Act, outsourcing, offshoring and everything else they can to help
other people from other nations. Mind you that it's not only Arizona's travail,
but the highway for the next set of terrorists. It makes you wonder what those
people do all day in Congress?

In Arizona, American citizens are locked into a Catch 22. Ranchers can't walk
out of their homes safely because gun wielding smugglers sneak across their
ranches 24/7. They discard unending soiled baby diapers, bottles, clothes,
plastic bags, trash and other filth. Kolbe, Flake and McCain wear their nice
three piece suits but do absolutely nothing about this invasion while pretending
to represent the people they swore to represent.

One ranger told this reporter, "I could send 100 volunteers into the desert
every day with 10 plastic bags and they couldn't keep up with all the trash
thrown out by illegal aliens crossing through Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument."

How is that possible? Easy! An estimated 400,000 illegal aliens annually cross
through the 30 mile stretch of the park on the Mexican border as they make their
way into the USA.

Can you see our leaders on swearing-in-day, "I, John McCain, Kolbe, Flake, do
hereby swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States.I swear to protect
the citizens of America and help me God." Makes you proud to be an
American doesn't it?


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