Friday, June 25, 2004

Illegal alien nabbed following shoplifting - - The Parkersburg News & Sentinel Illegal alien nabbed following shoplifting - - The Parkersburg News & Sentinel

Friday, June 25, 2004 — Time: 7:17:04 AM EST
Illegal alien nabbed following shoplifting

VIENNA - Police arrested an illegal alien Wednesday night after he was caught shoplifting at Wal-Mart, authorities said.

Emanuel Lopez-Ramirez, 26, no address available, allegedly stole two pairs of pants, two shirts and two 18-packs of beer from the Vienna Wal-Mart, said Lt. George Young, Vienna police.
Lopez-Ramirez was charged with petit larceny and obstructing an officer stemming from the shoplifting call. He also was charged with transferring and receiving stolen property because of a stolen credit card, Young said.

In addition, Lopez-Ramirez was charged with identity theft because of a fake social security card and forging a public document. He signed a false name to his fingerprint card, Young said.

He was arraigned by Wood County Magistrate Emily Bradley and held on $57,500 bond.

Sgt. Brian Ingraham responded to the 10 p.m. shoplifting call Wednesday and viewed Lopez-Ramirez's identification. Ingraham thought the man's resident alien card and social security card looked fake because of the poor quality of the ink, Young said.

The name on the identification card was Charlie Ramirez, which police later learned was fictitious, Young said. The number on the social security card belonged to a woman in Montana.

Ingraham asked Lopez-Ramirez questions about the information on the cards, Young said. The man, speaking broken English, could not provide information on the card from memory.

The officer found a credit card on Lopez-Ramirez that belonged to Angela Walker of Virginia. Police obtained a phone number for Walker through the credit card company, Young said. She told police she did not know Lopez-Ramirez and he did not have permission to have the cards.

Investigators contacted Immigration and Naturalization Services and gave officials there the resident alien number on the card Lopez-Ramirez was carrying, Young said. A check revealed the number was not registered to a "Charlie Ramirez."

Lopez-Ramirez signed that name to his fingerprint card.

Young and Ingraham learned Lopez-Ramirez's real name through a records check with the FBI. When compared to an FBI file, fingerprints taken from Lopez-Ramirez by Vienna police were a match.

Police also discovered a transportation luggage ticket in Lopez-Ramirez's possession. INS uses such a tag when an illegal alien is deported, Young said. The name on the tag was Emanuel Lopez-Ramirez.

"He had been deported before," Young said.


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