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Illegal-alien arrests, the real racists, and the Takeover of America By Daniel Sheehy posted Jun 21, 2004, 09:01

Illegal-alien arrests, the real racists, and the �Takeover of America� By Daniel Sheehy posted Jun 21, 2004, 09:01

Illegal-alien arrests, the real racists, and the 'Takeover of
By Daniel Sheehy
MichNews.Com - Jun 21, 2004

Enemies of America are not merely located in Saudi Arabia and
Pakistan. They can be found within our borders, in our universities
and halls of governments.

U.S. Congressman Joe Baca (D-Calif.) and University of California
professor Armando Navarro are angry because the U.S. Border
arrested more than 200 illegal aliens in southern California earlier
this month.

On June 16, the Los Angeles Times said that professor Navarro and
other activists are "coordinating efforts against the Border Patrol,
vowing to file lawsuits and engage in civil disobedience if the
arrests continue."

The Times reported that Congressman Baca wrote a letter to Robert
Bonner, commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection,
concern over "the apparent expansion of your jurisdiction to engage
disruptive enforcement in crowded residential and workplace

So why would Congressman Baca and professor Navarro be
opposed to the Border Patrol doing their job and enforcing
immigration laws? The answers are on a CD produced by the
Coalition for Immigration Reform. It is titled, "The Takeover of
America." On it are striking statements by race-obsessed Hispanic
elected officials, professors and activists. Two of the many voices
this CD are Baca's and Navarro's.

The statements on this revealing CD clearly show there is a
and growing movement inside the U.S. that seeks to turn much, if
all, of America into a Hispanic nation through massive illegal and
legal immigration and high birth rates. (It is important to emphasize
that many patriotic Hispanics love America and do not align
with this radical movement. Some are my friends.)

Here is an excerpt from professor Navarro's statements: "We're in a
state of transition. And that transformation is called the browning of
America. Latinos are now becoming the majority.. It's a game; it's
game of power and who controls it.. You are like the generals that
command armies. We're in a state of war."

And here is part of Congressman Baca's statements: "But when we
out at the audience and we see la familia, La Raza [the family, our
race], it's a great feeling. It reminded me of a book that we all read
about, Paul Revere, and when he said, 'The British are coming, the
British are coming.' Well, the Latinos are coming, the Latinos are
coming. And the Latinos are going to vote. So our voices will be
heard. So that's what this agenda is about. It's about ensuring that
we increase our numbers.. You, know, we're in a civil war."

Dear loyal, law-abiding Americans, those are the words of a
congressman, who has sworn to uphold the laws of the United
States of
America, and of a university professor, who shapes the minds of
men and women. Both men seek to turn America into a Hispanic
and say they are in a "war" to make that happen.

Coincidentally, I recently shared this CD with my dad, who lives on
the East Coast. (I live in Los Angeles, the capital of Mexifornia.)
After my dad listened to the CD, he called to tell me how shocked he
was. "This is sedition," he said. "It's hard to believe this is
happening. If this isn't stopped, California and other states may
eventually secede from the union."

I first listened to "The Takeover of America" one year ago and had
same reaction as my dad. I couldn't believe this was happening. I
stunned and frightened at what these people were saying about
Americans and America and what they planned for the U.S. The
tone in
their voices reminded me of historical recordings of Adolph Hitler's

Even though I've lived in southern California for the past 16 years
and have witnessed the damage caused by out-of-control illegal and
legal immigration, I had no idea that many people and organizations
inside the U.S., such as MEChA, the National Council of La Raza
Race], and MALDEF, are conspiring to take over America and
Americans. That's because the L.A. Times, the Daily News, the
County Register, the Long Beach Press-Telegram, local TV
and most of the media outlets across America refuse to report
really going on. Are you listening Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings and
Rather? (The L.A. Times, for example, would rather give us 43
pages on
the NBA Finals. That was in just one edition of the paper!)

Fortunately, there are courageous American patriots, such as those
the California Coalition for Immigration Reform, who have made
tremendous sacrifices to share the truth with the American people.
now I'd like to share some more excerpts from their CD, "The
of America," with you. I hope you will do the same with others. (You
can hear these racist, radical, anti-American statements here.)

· Jose Angel Gutierrez, University of Texas professor and
founder of the revolutionary La Raza Unida Party: "We are millions.
just have to survive. We have an aging white America. They are not
making babies. They are dying. It's a matter of time. The explosion
in our population.. Se estan cagando cabrones de miedo. [They
shitting in their pants with fear]. I love it."

· Art Torres, former California state senator and current
chairman of the California Democrat Party: "Que viva la causa [long
live our cause]. It is an honor to be with the new leadership of the
Americas.. Power is not given to you. You have to take it.
187 is the last gasp of white America in California. Understand that.
And people say to me on the Senate floor when I was in the Senate,
'Why do you fight so hard for affirmative action programs?' And I tell
my white colleagues, 'Because you're going to need them.'

· Henry Cisneros, former Cabinet secretary under President
Clinton and former president of Univision (Spanish language
television): "The future of our people and the future of our country
is literally in your hands. Our numbers are growing dramatically..
saying to you as goes the Latino population will go California, and as
goes California will go the United States of America, my friends, the
stakes are big, this is a fight worth making.. We should stand for
proud Latino future. We must stand for the people, now more than
and then be prepared to fight."

· Victoria Castro, recent member of the L.A. Board of
Education: "Que viva La Raza, que viva La Raza" [long live our
I'm here to welcome all the new voters of 18 years old that we're
registering now in our schools. You're going to make a difference for
Los Angeles, for San Antonio, for New York. And to the Mechistas
[MEChA students] across this nation, you're going to make that
difference for us too."

· Richard Alatorre, former L.A. city councilman: "Because our
numbers are growing, they're afraid that we're going to take over the
governmental institutions and other institutions. They're right, we
will take them over.."

· Ruben Zacarias, former superintendent of the L.A. Unified
School District: "I started this [citizenship preparation centers]
very quietly because there are those that if they knew that we were
creating a whole new cadre of brand new citizens it would have
tremendous political impact. We will change the political panorama
only of L.A., but L.A. County and the state. And if we do that, we've
changed the panorama of the nation."

Now you know why U.S. Congressman Baca, university professor
and others are fighting the Border Patrol's arrest of illegal aliens
in southern California this month.

Wake up, Americans! Thank the Border Patrol in southern California
enforcing our immigration laws. And throw out corrupt, racist,
traitorous politicians. Time is running out to save America.


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