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DEES' DECEPTION by Thomas Fleming

DEES' DECEPTION by Thomas Fleming

August 6, 2002

by Thomas Fleming

The fear-mongering Southern Poverty Law Center is well known for its inaccurate, biased "reporting" that drags every issue into the gutter of racialist politics. Even when they have a "fair cop," as in the case of organizations like the National Alliance and the various Klan organizations, the slovenliness of the research makes their reports all but useless, but their greatest triumphs of smear-propaganda are their attacks on non-violent, non-racist people whose ideas they hate without being able to combat them.

Take the case of immigration. Most Americans, including Mexican-Americans, agree that something must be done to stop illegal immigration and, more generally, to limit Third World immigration into the United States. Naturally, the ultra-left SPLC disagrees with the majority, and unable (because of their lack of intelligence, education, and integrity) to mount a serious argument in favor of open borders or even to challenge arguments put forward by groups like FAIR, they construct a nightmare scenario: a puppet theater of deluded bigots and restrictionists whose strings are all pulled by the evil Puppeteer, John Tanton.

John Tanton is something of an eccentric, even for my taste. After spending several hours with him, I found that we had nothing to agree on—even immigration. Like so many people with an exculsively technical background, he understands very little of human life—understands none of it, in fact, that cannot be reduced to numbers. New science and technology will solve the problems created by the old science and technology. Since that conversation of many years ago, I have not bothered to read much of anything he or his group in Petoskey, Michigan, put out, but from the little I know, they are basically progressive liberals of the type who came to power between the two world wars. Population control, eugenics, the imminent demographic catastrophe—the sort of stuff all Christian conservatives instinctively abhor, from Chesteron to the editors of Chronicles.

Eugenics, broadly defined, is what separates left from right. Anyone really on the right (whether Christian or not) knows that no set of men can safely be given control over human reproduction or over man's genetic future, and of all periods of human history, this age—with its faith in technocracy and in the unlimited power of government—would be the absolute worst in which to try a little genetic tinkering. People of this age could not even tinker with the Catholic Mass or Episcopalian Prayerbook without completely lousing them up. Imagine what they would do with the human genome!

So, John Tanton is a typically naive liberal, but he has funded a number of (mostly liberal) groups doing very conventional research on the impact of immigration. A sensible man does not need Dan Stein or, ugh, Linda Chavez to tell him that Ted Kennedy's immigration policy has transformed the United States, and not for the better, but a prudent, sensible man is not likely to be alarmed by the credible evidence they bring forward. But, see, shriek the fear-mongers, some of these people have taken money from the progressive eugenics Pioneer Fund.

And if Congressman Tom Tancredo or Scott McConnell has ever met anyone who met anyone who took money from the Pioneer Fund, they must be bigots. In the fund-raising business, as the SPLC knows, it does not pay to look the gift-horse too carefully in the mouth. The kinds of people Morris Dees and the SPLC run around with would not bear careful scrutiny by decent Americans who do not hate their country—the usual ComSymp leftists that have been dragging us into the gutter for 50 years.

But the SPLC does not worry about the pornographers, abortionists, child-molesters, and drug-pushers who control American society (If you want to read pornography, by the way, get hold of a copy of depositions taken in Morris Dees's divorce trial.) No, we have to worry about the fact that John Tanton, in one of the very few positive things he has ever done, put up money to fund an English translation of The Camp of the Saints: "a lurid, racist novel written by Frenchman Jean Raspail that depicts an invasion of the white, Western world by a fleet of starving, dark-skinned refugees."

Who but an ethnocentric bigot would think that calling Jean Raspail a "Frenchman" helped to make the point? The novel is neither lurid nor racist, and one of the heroes is a "dark-skinned" man from India. Raspail has written beautifully about the loss of traditional cultures, whether the culture belongs to "Frenchmen" in Europe or Indians in Patagonia. But literature—or facts of any kind—is of no interest to the fear-mongers and defamers at the SPLC.

I don't like most of the people Tanton funds, and some of them are in the habit of attacking us because we belong to the group they want to eliminate from planet earth—Christians. But there is more honesty and integrity in the wrong-headed eugenicists, who say forthrightly what they believe and want to engage in rational debate, than in any of the incompetent staff-nerds that Morris Dees hires to carry on his personal mission of defaming what is left of civilization and Christianity in America.

Fearing, perhaps, that a few Americans are beginning to suspect what the SPLC is really all about, they finish their smear of Rep. Tom Tancredo with this choice sentence: "The danger is not that immigration levels are debated by Americans, but that the debate is controlled by bigots and extremists whose views are anathema to the ideals on which this country was founded." Two lies in one. The only objective the SPLC has ever had is to silence dissent from the right, and the bigots and extremists who control the debate on immigration are the leftist journalists and politicians adored by the SPLC.

To see how low America has sunk, check out the entire story


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