Monday, June 14, 2004

Caribbean News details Jamaican Immigrant Gets 26 Years For Cooking Crack Cocaine

Caribbean News details

LEWISTON, Maine, Thurs. June 10: Easton "Bill" Wilson, who cooked up a batch of crack cocaine on the stove of college professor Linda Williams, was this week sentenced to 26 years and eight months in prison.

Wilson was apparently paying rent with coke to the former Bates College music professor. Prosecutors claim Wilson subsequently used the stove in the woman’s home to turn cocaine to crack. He pleaded guilty in November to six different charges including conspiring to bring crack cocaine into the Lewiston area and importing at least 5 kilograms of the drug.

Maine Drug Enforcement Supervisor Gary Baril, according to Associated Press reports, said Wilson was part of a drug trafficking ring that operated between Florida and Maine.

The group, he said, used local drug addicts to act as "mules" for the organization, flying to Jamaica where they would swallow up to a pound of cocaine in balloons or other packages before returning to the United States.
Following the completion of his prison term, Wilson will be deported back to Jamaica.

Meanwhile, Williams was sentenced this spring to five years in federal prison for her role in the drug operation. –


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