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Convicted sex offender ordered deported
Monday, June 21, 2004

John Schneeberger, a Saskatchewan doctor convicted of sexually assaulting a patient and one other woman, was ordered deported Monday.

``(Schneeberger) received a deportation order, which is now in effect,'' said Melissa Anderson, a spokeswoman for the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Schneeberger's legal history was read out during a teleconference with board members hearing the case from Calgary.

The board arrived at its decision within an hour of the hearing's start.

The Canadian Border Services Agency will now determine when and where Schneeberger will be deported. He was born in Zambia but did his medical training in South Africa.

He was convicted in 1999 and sentenced to six years in prison for sexually assaulting two women _ administering a stupefying drug to commit the first assault _ and obstructing justice by inserting a tube filled with another man's blood in his arm to foil DNA tests.

His first victim, then 23, was given a paralysing drug and raped in a hospital examining room in Kipling, Sask., in 1992. The second, a teenager, was molested in 1994 and 1995. Several years passed before charges were laid because of Schneeberger's attempts to foil DNA tests.

On Nov. 25, he was released from a British Columbia prison to begin two years of statutory release _ supervised in the community by parole officers _ and took up residence in Regina.

At the same time, immigration officials stepped up efforts to have him deported. Schneeberger moved to Canada in 1987 and became a citizen in 1993.

His citizenship was revoked in December after the Federal Court determined he had obtained it falsely by not revealing he was under police investigation at the time. He then reverted to permanent resident status.

By law, a permanent resident or foreign citizen who commits a serious crime can be subject to deportation. Last month, the Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear Schneeberger's appeal of the Federal Court ruling, which put his fate in the hands of the immigration board.


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