Monday, June 21, 2004

Autopsy: Mother, Daughter Were Stabbed To Death - News - Autopsy: Mother, Daughter Were Stabbed To Death

Autopsy: Mother, Daughter Were Stabbed To Death

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. -- There's new information in the murder of a mother and daughter. Investigators say they have valuables clues into how the women were killed last week inside the home on Vagabond Way near Altamonte Springs.

The medical examiner says both women died of stab wounds and now detectives say they are one step closer to making an arrest.

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office believes it has a motive for the murders, but is being tight-lipped because investigators are still collecting more evidence from the crime scene.

Carol Bareis, 68, and her daughter, 47-year-old Cheryl Williams, were found dead on Thursday morning in their home. Autopsy results show the women were stabbed to death.

"According to his statement, he places himself in the home prior to anyone knowing these women were dead," says Steve Olson, Seminole County Sheriff's Office.

Detectives took Clemente Javier Aguiree in custody after he allegedly tampered and destroyed evidence.

According to an arrest report, he told authorities he had been out drinking all night on Wednesday. He then entered the home on Thursday morning. He says, when he went into the home, he saw one of the women dead on the floor. He then lifted the woman's head and checked for her pulse. When he left the home, he noticed he had blood on his own clothes. Aguirre then took his clothes, put them into a plastic bag and threw it up on the roof.

Upon searching the area, authorities say they found the weapon that probably killed the women.

Deputies say they don't have any other people they are looking at and believe Aguirre is their guy.

"We do not have anybody else of interest or anyone else in mind that is of interest. This guy is our only guy," says Olson.

Aguirre is being held without bond. According to his arrest report, he is an illegal alien and was working at a restaurant in Lake Mary.


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