Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Utah's Cannon Firing on his Own People

The Washington Dispatch

Utah's Cannon Firing on his Own People
Commentary by Frosty Wooldridge
May 19, 2004

It’s called, ‘friendly fire’ in the US Army when our own commanders or Air Force planes accidentally drop bombs on our troops. Nonetheless, death and destruction result to Americans in uniform. It’s the outcome of poor decision making, bad timing or wrong-headed thinking. American troops die by the hands of inept leaders. But the one tragedy about ‘friendly fire’ stems from the fact of wartime trauma. Split second decisions must be made in the face of conflict.

But what is happening to America today is worse. Our own elected officials in Congress proceed with an agenda that aims the deadly guns of immigration with point blank salvos into the heart of America’s mid section. We’re bleeding from one end of the country to the other. California is just about dead. New York City is turning into a polyglot of the Third World. Miami is more Cuban than American and Georgia is an extension of Mexico City. Texas? No one speaks English.

Such are the results of congressional representatives like Chris Cannon of Utah and many others. In the past decade, Cannon, a Republican stood as one of the foremost champions of illegal immigration into America. He introduced every bill possible to aid, assist, abet and encourage illegal immigration into the United States. Today, Utah is over-run with an estimated 65,000 illegal aliens costing Utah taxpayers millions of dollars. Their schools suffer language crisis and medical problems beyond solving.

Aiding and abetting illegal aliens stands in violation of federal immigration laws. But that hasn't stopped men like Cannon from firing on his own people. It hasn’t stopped Senator Orrin Hatch, McCain, Kennedy and dozens of others in our Congress. It’s why we have 13 million illegal aliens free to roam about our country. It’s why we’re in a crisis that will prove more deadly and devastating than ten 9/11’s.

However, last week, Cannon failed to win the nomination for his House seat against Matt Throckmorton. It was called a ‘shocker’ by the Salt Lake City Deseret News.

Why is Cannon in trouble? Could it be he is currently sponsoring five illegal alien amnesty bills that pander to an outlaw constituency? What about the fact that PACs have kicked in $195,188.00 to keep Cannon firing into his own people? Those PACs represent industries that profit from Cannon’s interpretation of the word ‘amnesty’ or by his efforts to raise import quotas on foreign labor like H-1B and L-1 visas. His is the worst type of ‘friendly fire’.

But Cannon’s greatest troubles come from his own gun shooting himself in his own foot.

Cannon, with eight years in Congress, is a member of the Judiciary Committee’s immigration subcommittee. He blocked all legislation to crack down on illegal immigration. He is the darling of the national immigration lawyers association and the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund. He was celebrated by MALDF, which is one of the most anti-American advocacy groups in the United States. That organization is bent on returning Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California into Mexico as part of their ‘Aztlan Reconquista’. Cannon praised Mexico because it has quadrupled its population in his lifetime. He advocates higher population growth and thinks it is vital to bring in as many immigrants as possible.

It makes you wonder if he possesses the intellectual capacity to understand such a stance, given time, would make America like India, China and Bangladesh. What is the point of that human train wreck relocating in America?

As Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people some of the time and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.” Cannon’s latest AgJobs amnesty bill shoots Utah voters with a gut shot. Utah voters shot back with votes for Matt Throckmorton.

Cannon would love flooding Utah with an added 100,000 even 500,000 immigrants. He does not understand limits. If Cannon had his way, he’d open up immigration floodgates to the world. Not only would he create water shortages, language chaos, medical mayhem from illegal aliens--Chris Cannon would kill what it means to be an American citizen. He is in favor of overrunning our country with Third World misery until we too, become Third World.

It makes you wonder how such men as Orrin Hatch, Chris Cannon, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi of California, John McCain, Kyle, Flake, Kolbe of Arizona, Degette and Udall of Colorado and others in our Congress find it their duty to ‘defend, protect, aid and assist’ this illegal alien invasion? These people in the halls of Congress were voted to represent American citizens. Instead, they pander to illegal immigration, corporations demanding ‘outsourcing’, ‘insourcing’, ‘offshoring’ and unlimited cheap labor.

Chris Cannon will be voted out of office because he isn’t serving American citizens in Utah or the rest of our country. As this immigration invasion worsens and our nation continues breaking apart by this ‘unarmed invasion’ that is fast Balkanizing us, voters will cast their votes for American patriots like Matt Throckmorton. It’s time we take back our country and not give it away to a loose and totally incompetent Cannon.

In the meantime, every single senator and congressman who supports this illegal and unrestricted immigration invasion into the United States had better beware. You either support American citizens or you too will be voted out of office because of your ‘unfriendly fire’. It’s killing this country.


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