Saturday, May 22, 2004

Tyson's Fires Illegal Aliens

And....this includes everyone who hires an illegal alien nanny, housekeeper, gardner, etc. They are equally guilty of violating federal immigration law (Employer Sanctions) and should also be prosecuted.
Rest assured that YOU as an individual patriot can be incredibly effective!
ACTION I: CCIR offers a simple adhesive label that many have used most effectively. It states, "EMPLOYING ILLEGAL ALIENS IS A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW - EMPLOYER SANCTIONS (Sec. 274A [8 U.S.C. 1324a]a).
When we see gardeners, construction workers, roofers, housekeepers, nannies, etc. in our neighborhoods who cannot speak or understand English, we simply put one of these labels on the homeowner's front door.
Guess what? The majority of the time, we do NOT see these workers again.
ACTION II: When contacting companies for work needed in your home or on your property, ask the employer if they hire illegal aliens. The answer will be NO. Say, fine but you will ask to see ALL the employees' "papers" before they start work. ONLY those who employ citizens or legit immigrants will even continue the conversation.
ACTION III: Advise those who knock on your door asking for work that you want to see their "papers" before you agree. Watch most of them "disappear"!
ACTION IV: Go to the day-labor centers and concentrate on pics of LICENSE PLATES of those who are hiring and, if possible, a pic of the vehicle driver. Watch these scumbags split - - 0 to 60mph in seconds!

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It's possible Tyson, apart from having the last lawsuit found out about illegals' lawsuit against Wal-Mart under the pretext of being "independent contractors".

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Every employer in America should be held accountable for KNOWINGLY hiring ILLEGAL INVADERS.
We all know that false documents can be hard to detect with the technology of producing false documents but there are ways to verify some of that information if an employer is dedicated to hiring only LEGAL Americans. Perhaps a notice on the job application form that hiring will only take place AFTER verification is received from the INS or SSA of the documents provided in the application. Another requirement would be that the applicant must speak ENGLISH! If the applicant is even a tad bit suspicious - ask for citizenship papers. There is NOTHING WRONG with protecting yourself from the crime of hiring an ILLEGAL. It may take a bit more time but when the stake of America is at risk here - it should be worth it to every employer. Put some responsibility on the people in Human Resources to make sure those hired are LEGAL. I have worked in those departments and verifying info on the I-9 forms isn't all that hard to do if you are sincere in hiring only LEGAL citizens.

Now for the street corner hiring halls - get out there with cameras - take lots of pictures - get faces - get license plates with faces so no one can deny they are the guilty critters helping to destroy America for a few pieces of silver (profit). This is war, folks, and the future of America is at stake here - don't forget it.
When you get those pictures make lots of copies and send them off to all your local media with the info of when, where, why and ask them to publish those pics for all to see. Soon, the ILLEGALS and the crooked employers will figure out they have to move on - follow them if you can and repeat this operation. Put heat on the property owners who allow this too.

Keep in mind the uproar those pictures coming out of Iraq have caused. PICTURES WORK!
People who can't read understand pictures.

Jackie Juntti

Tyson Foods fires 42 undocumented workers

The Associated Press

Tyson Foods Inc. has fired 8 percent of its workforce at its Harrisonburg plant, all immigrant workers who could not verify their employment documents, company officials said.

The company earlier this month suspended 63 workers and gave them until last Friday to prove their legal status in the U.S., or face permanent dismissal.

By Monday, 42 workers were fired for submitting falsified employment documents, said company spokeswoman Libby Lawson. She said the rest were found to have proper paperwork and were allowed to return. Two, however, decided to quit and find other employment, she said.

"We were very disappointed," Lawson said.

Tyson Foods discovered problems with the employees' work documents during a routine audit about three weeks ago. The 42 fired workers had used Social Security numbers that had originated in Puerto Rico, Lawson said. All 63 questioned have Latino surnames, but their nationalities were not known.

Lawson said once the company's investigation is complete, the company would forward its report to the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Tyson corporate office conducts audits of its hiring process at least once a year, selecting the location at random. Lawson said it would be a daunting task for the Springdale, Ark., company to perform an audit for all of its 120,000 employees.

The Harrisonburg plant employs 550 workers and processes 660,000 chickens a week for the fast-food and deli markets. Lawson said the firings were necessary to abide by the law, and will be costly for the company and local economy.

However, immigration problems are nothing new for the chicken giant.

An audit in March found 450 undocumented workers at a Tyson meatpacking plant in Dakota City, Neb., of which at least 250 were fired.

Last year, Tyson Foods and five of its managers were acquitted of charges linking them to an immigrant-smuggling scheme. One manager pleaded guilty to related charges in 2002.

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"Federal Funds" - "Matching Funds" - "State Funds" these are all fraudulent terms as government in America has no funds of any kind except those funds it first takes from the private citizen, you and me. All these so-called "funds" are those monies government has creamed from excessive taxes (handling fees) which they then turn around and *gift* us with (including ropes with a hangman's noose) to coerce another level of government to hang us with. All that *sugar* they dangle in front of the eyes of the greedy tax hogs is filled with poison but it isn't tasted until it is too late. A spoonful of sugar helps the poison go down.

We would all be much better off if we would handle all projects at the local level and didn't swallow all that *sugar*. Stop sending your resources to Washington DC for them to siphon off those "handling/laundering fees" before 'gifting us' with those phoney 'matching funds'

It is these same siphoned off funds they are handing over to ILLEGAL INVADERS, assisting in the overthrow of America.

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Barbara Coe
California Coalition for Immigration Reform


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