Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Immigrant Children Lacking in Services?

Porterville Recorder: "Children of immigrant families lack services
By The Porterville Recorder staff
Immigrant parents in California are more likely to be both married and working full time than native-born parents, yet their children are less likely to have access to health care and more likely to live in poverty, according to a report by a child advocacy group.

Nearly 185,000 children in immigrant families live in or near the urban areas of Fresno and Bakersfield, according to the report by Children Now. In Fresno, 42 percent of children live in immigrant families. In the southern San Joaquin Valley city of Bakersfield, 37 percent have at least one immigrant parent.

Statewide, 48 percent of all children have at least one parent who was born outside of the United States, according to the report.

The report says 84 percent of children in immigrant families have at least one parent who works full time, but just 43 percent of immigrant families have job-based health insurance, compared with 73 percent of children in native families.

And those children who have an undocumented parent are the most likely to be without employer-based health insurance - only 16 percent of these children of working parents are covered. "


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