Saturday, May 22, 2004

Illegal Aliens in Cyprus

Illegal immigrant haul in Greece-bound trucks
By Staff Reporter

LIMASSOL police were last night looking into the discovery of 16 foreigners who had been hiding under two refrigerated trucks loaded in a ship ready to sail for Greece.

The foreigners were found by the ship’s second in command late yesterday afternoon and just minutes before the vessel sailed for the port of Piraeus.

The group, mostly Indians and Pakistanis, had come to Cyprus as students or were illegal immigrants, some of whom crossed over from the occupied north.

They were hiding in groups of eight inside special containers under two refrigerated trucks.
The only things they had with them were water and crisps, it was reported.

Police arrested the men and questioned them to determine if the attempt was a one-off or if it had happened before.

Police were also looking into who could possibly be behind the unprecedented incident.
Meanwhile, a crackdown on illegal immigrants over the last 24 hours has led to the arrest of 27 foreigners police said yesterday.

According to a police bulletin, 27 illegal immigrants were arrested during an island-wide operation on charges of illegal entry into the Republic, working without a work permit and staying in Cyprus without a pink slip.

According to the police, eight people were arrested for not having renewed their visas, 17 for working illegally, and two were nabbed while attempting to enter Cyprus illegally.


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