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Abortion - Anti-abortion except in cases of rape, incest or to save woman's life
- Signed ban on partial-birth abortions
- Accepts FDA approval of RU-486, but concerned about overuse
Source: Bush On The Issues | - Supports abortion rights
- Opposes ban on partial-birth abortions
- Voted against ban on abortions at military bases
- Says he would elect pro-choice judges to federal bench
Source: Kerry On The Issues - Supports abortion rights
- Says decision to take RU-486 should be left up to women, not government
- Says Roe v. Wade will never be overturned
Source: Nader On The Issues

Civil Rights - For affirmative action, but against quotas
- Against gay marriage and adoptions, and hate crimes should not apply to gays
- Opposes gays in Boy Scouts
Supports "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
Source: Bush On Civil Rights - Supports affirmative action
- Opposes same-sex marriages
- Supports benefits for gay couples
- Favors allowing gay military personnel to serve openly in armed forces
Source: Kerry On Civil Rights - Supports affirmative action
- Supports same-sex marriages
- Has supported allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in military
- Has supported strengthening hate crimes legislation
Source: Nader On Civil Rights
Crime - Supports death penalty
- Supports "three-strikes" law and mandatory sentencing for repeat offenders
- Supports ban on automatic weapons and background checks at gun shows
- Supports Second Amendment
Source: Bush On Crime - Opposes death penalty
- Voted against limiting death penalty appeals
- Wants more funding for drug war, treatment
- In favor of background checks at gun shows
- Vows to renew funding for COPS program
- Says "law-abiding adults have the right to own guns"
Source: Kerry On Crime - Says the U.S. needs to crack down on corporate crime, fraud and abuse
- Believes ending drug war will reduce street crime, violence and homicides related to underground drug dealing
- Says drug abuse is a health problem, with social and economic consequences
- Says it is time to bring some illegal drugs within the law by regulating, taxing and controlling them
Source: Nader On Corporate Crime
Defense - Supported war in Iraq
- Ordered limited national missile defense system deployed by 2004
- Has not proposed increasing size of Army
- Would increase military spending 4.2 percent to $380 billion
- Budget funds military pay hikes from 2 percent to 6 percent
- Strategy calls for a focus on new threats, such as terrorism
Source: Bush On National Defense - Supported war in Iraq
- Opposes national missile defense
- Supports increasing size of Army by 40,000 active troops on a temporary basis
- Wants to invest more money in equipment, technology
- Proposes better pay, benefits for military personnel
- Would appoint presidential envoy to buy, destroy weapons stockpiles
Source: Kerry On The Issues - Opposes national missile defense
- Critic of military "overspending"
- Wants to reduce funding for "military industrial complex"
- Supports Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
Source: Nader On The Issues
Economy / Taxes - Says speeding up the 2001 tax cuts will increase the pace of economic recovery and job creation
- Says providing dividend and capital gains tax relief will give small businesses incentives to grow
- Wants $20 billion in aid to states for necessary services
Source: Bush On The Economy - Wants to repeal Bush tax cuts for wealthy
- Would protect increases in child tax credit and reduction in marriage penalty
- Would close corporate loopholes and restrain spending
- Supports increase in minimum wage
Source: Kerry On The Economy - Believes federal tax code skewed in favor of the wealthy and corporations
- Says "Unearned income" (dividents, interest, capital gains) should not be taxed lower than earned income (work)
- Supports retention of the estate tax
Source: Nader On Economy, Taxes
Education - Signed No Child Left Behind Act, which makes federal funding contingent on states' giving standardized tests in math and reading and publishing results for third- through eighth-graders
- Says when it comes to our schools, dollars alone do not always make the difference
- Calls for zero tolerance on disruption, guns, and school safety
- Says federal dollars should not follow failure
Source: Bush On Education - Proposes a National Education Trust Fund to guarantee the federal government meets its obligation to fully fund education priorities
- Vows to change the No Child Left Behind Act to ensure that schools focus on teaching high standards, and not become "drill and kill" test prep institutions
- Says No Child Left Behind underfunds public schools by $6 billion this year
- Chronically disruptive or violent students should be removed from classrooms and placed in alternative learning environments
Source: Kerry On Education - Says students "should learn, as the core curriculum, developing civic skills, learning how to practice democracy, and the arithmetic, reading and writing will be a byproduct."
- Supports schoool choice within public school system
- Wants commercialism out of the classroom
Source: Nader On Education
Energy - Supports more domestic oil, natural gas, coal production
- Supports drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
- Supports 1.5 mpg increase for SUVs, light trucks by 2007
- Proposed $1.7 billion to develop hydrogen-powered fuel cells
Source: Bush's 6-Point Plan - Backs incentives to reduce dependence on fossil fuels
- Opposes drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
- Push new gas requirements, hybrid cars, hydrogen fuel
- Backs renewable energy trust fund to invest in the development of renewable energy will reduce our oil dependence
Source: Kerry On Energy - Opposes oil exploration in Arctic refuge
- Supports investment in renewable energies such as wind, solar power
- Supports promotion of sustainable energy and says the United States should not subsidize energy interests
Source: Nader On Energy
Environment - Opposes stricter standards under Clean Air, Clean Water acts
- Supports market-based solutions to improve air quality
- Opposes Kyoto agreement
- Wants to increase logging in national forests as way to prevent wildfires
Source: Bush On The Environment - Supports enforcement of Clean Air, Clean Water acts
- Supports Kyoto treaty
- Promotes clean, renewable fuel sources, especially ethanol
- Would "reinvigorate" the Superfund cleanup program
Source: Kerry On The Environment - Wants more efficient automobiles, energy sources
- Says toxic standards should be strengthened to address children, not just adults
Source: Nader On Environment
Health Care - Opposes national health care plan
- Supports adding drug benefit to Medicare
- Would place limits on patient lawsuits against HMOs
- Would introduce private sector competition to reduce Medicare costs
Source: Bush On Health Care - Proposes letting people buy coverage in government system
- Voted to allow Canadian prescription drugs to be imported
- Voted for prescription drug coverage under Medicare
- Would tighten rules on drug companies to lower prescription drug costs, with an emphasis on seniors, veterans
- Would allow patients to sue HMOs, collect money for damages
Source: Kerry On Health Care - Says Insurance companies should not administer health care
- Supports single-payer program
- Believes Universal health care addresses issues, lowers drug prices
Source: Nader On Health Care
Homeland Security - Supports labeling of U.S. citizens as "enemy combatants"
- Supports renewal of Patriot Act
- Initially opposed and then supported creation of Homeland Security Department
Source: Bush On The Issues - Against labeling U.S. citizens "enemy combatants"
- Wants Patriot Act to expire without congressional approval
- Would restore funding to COPS program
- Wants funding to hire 100,000 new firefighters
- Says intelligence services need reform
Source: Kerry On The Issues - Wants to Repeal Patriot Act
- Says U.S. should end secret detentions
- Says civilians should not face tribunals
Source: Nader On The Issues
Immigration - Proposed increasing budget to enforce immigration laws
- Proposed temporary worker plan that would target undocumented workers by offering legal status for a three-year period, after which they would be required to return to their countries.
- Says he would encourage undocumented workers to return home by expanding economic opportunities in their countries. Source: - Supports allowing undocumented immigrants to legalize their status if they have been in United States for certain period of time, are employed and can pass a background check
- Says the naturalization process for legal permanent residents serving in armed forces should be expedited
Source: Kerry On The Issues - Says worker permits should be offered
- Opposed to open borders
- Wants to restore safety net
Source: Nader On The Issues
Social Security - Supports investing some Social Security taxes in stocks
- Proposed extending Social Security to include inheritable assets
Source: The President's Plan - Opposes privatizing Social Security
- Says rolling back tax cuts for wealthy Americans will help preserve system
Source: Kerry On The Issues - Says no changes are needed in Social Security because the system is solid
Source: Nader On Social Security

*These issue statments were collected from the candidates' Web sites and campaigns, from speeches and public statements, and news articles.


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